The only lifehack I give to You - save Your time or money.

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Since a few weeks I use add Video Speed Controller which is available in Chromium browsers.

Today I observed that I can use it to speed up ads on YouTube or in VOD pages.

So, install that extension and watch Your ads in 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes.

You can also try it with other extensions, maybe it works with more of them.

Photo is free for commercial use from


Well, I would have loved to experiment with this

But I love watching most ads because they are sometimes things I really need at that time

I prefer to manually skip them if they are not important

But if in the nearest future, I no longer find a use for them, I will try speeding them with this extension

I am glad you shared it with us, sir

Thank you

I give you something easier. Use an adblocker, and you do not even have to watch ads. That is it.

Dude, most of VOD services have tools to detect AdBlock/uBlock etc and they dont allow to watch if You have that running.
And on YouTube content creators dont earn when You block ads.

Therefore I claim that my way is better in both situations.