Will politicians be able to control the Coronavirus?

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The question implicit in the title of this publication is related to the recent declarations made by Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who at a press conference in Downing Street stated that he encouraged the creation of an anti-virus working group, with the aim of promoting the development of new antiviral drugs.

Boris Johnson statements come after the scientific community of the United Kingdom exposed their hypothesis where they revealed that there will be another wave of Covid-19 in the following months of this year, and that the effects will be of greater impact than those seen so far.

Fig. 2 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that he encouraged the creation of an anti-virus working group. Image of public domain, Author: The Digital Artist, 2019

Although the decision to create an anti-virus task force can be interpreted as an action aimed at counteracting the constant increase in contagions and deaths, it is no less true that these statements may be related to a clear political action aimed at calming the discontent of British nationals, who perceive that the government has no real intention of counteracting the coronavirus pandemic.

This polemic situation that the British citizens are going through, made me remember some lines from the book: Patas Arriba - The School of the Upside Down World, written by Eduardo Galeano, renowned Uruguayan journalist and writer, who in his profound philosophical interpretation of the social and human chaos we live in, alerts us that things cannot go on working the other way around.

Fig. 3 Eduardo Galeano, in his book Patas Arriba, warns us that things cannot continue to work the other way around. Image of public domain, Author: Geralt, 2015

I relate Galeano's book with Boris Johnson's statements, precisely because everything related to Covid-19 has been working the other way around, since it has been the politicians who have taken the baton without considering the arguments of the scientific community.

Therefore, from my humble point of view as a professional in the experimental sciences, I believe that as long as politicians do not listen to the scientific community, the efforts to counteract the coronavirus will be in vain, and everything will remain merely political declarations.


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Greetings [email protected], undoubtedly all the inhabitants of the planet must be united, to solve together this problem of Covid, as it affects us all equally. However, there are governments and politicians in particular who only want to be protagonists by putting monetary interests first. Science has made very important efforts but they have been at times diminished by the lack of direct participation of these governments and politicians.
Thank you very much for your publication.

Hello friend @dgalan

That situation where some people act as protagonists putting political and monetary interests first, is the main reason why to date the virus has not been able to be counteracted. Let's hope for the good of humanity that this is reversed soon.

Best regards, be well.

Greetings @lupafilotaxia, that is the big mistake of politicians who do not listen, for wanting to take advantage of any moment to make politics and promote themselves they do things backwards, let's hope and they really understand the seriousness of this COVID-19 issue and contribute everything necessary to eradicate it.

Your publication is excellent.

Hello @carlir

That is the biggest flaw of political action to promote themselves without sparing real efforts, which tend to give answers to their problems, in this case to give answers that reverse the contagions and deaths by Covd-19.

Best regards, be well.

I make use of the words of Galeano: "The social and human chaos in which we live alerts us that things can not continue to work backwards", and everything has an order that must be respected, but the human being has always wanted to move the pieces in the way that is more convenient without following the rules, but when we try to force things is when the nature of the same turn against us.
Commented by:@hojaraskita

Hi @hojaraskita

Good point, whenever we put our petty interests first, nature ends up taking its toll on us, unfortunately we are a species that finds it hard to learn and correct its own mistakes.

Best regards, be well.

Hello dear friend @lupafilotaxia, as a citizen and researcher, I share your opinion and that of Maestro Galeano: The world is upside down.

The answers, actions or solutions to science-related problems, in this case Covid 19 pandemic, must be created by the scientific community at global and local level, with the cooperation of all parties involved.

For the sake of humanity it is necessary to depoliticize the actions to deal with the pandemic.

Thank you for sharing such interesting topics.

Hello @raizayanez

Correct, the data that tend to give real solutions to the serious problem of Covid 19, must arise from within the scientific community, even the actions and the little effectiveness of the vaccines created by the pharmacological industry reveal it.

Best regards, be well.

Still i believe that the position of the UK is far more better in terms of politics in corona. Look at the country like India to understand the level of politics played over the corona vaccination. They are looking to create vaccinomics out of this situation

Hello @coffeelovers

Indeed India has become the second country with the most Covid-19 cases in the world, however, the point is that the role of politicians on the issue of control has not been the most prudent.

Best regards, be well.