Waste of food a feeding strategy of certain birds

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Greetings dear friends of @Project.HOPE, please use this opportunity to address information on the biological behavior of animals, mainly content related to the scientific work on the consistent and intentional behavior shown by certain birds as a feeding strategy.

According to research developed by a group of expert biologists in Ornithology (branch of zoology that is dedicated to the study of birds), particularly parrots are not as absent-minded as believed, this for their inexplicable habit of wasting much of the food they catch, within these scientific deductions, it is inferred that, this act apparently meaningless, is actually intentional, and possibly seeks to improve the quality and quantity of fruits and seeds of the trees.

Fig. 2 Parrots probably waste food to improve the quality and quantity of fruits and seeds on the trees. Image of public domain, Author: Congerdesign, 2015

In this sense, the PnD. González Esther, professor of biology at the University Miguel Hernández of Elche - Spain, and principal investigator of the studies developed on the food waste behavior of parrots as a feeding strategy in their natural environment, indicates that to date 6,253 observations have been made in 103 subspecies of parrots located in 37,612 geographic kilometers in specific eco-regions of Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Fig. 3 Studies on parrot behaviour have so far been developed in specific eco-regions of Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Image of public domain, Author: TeeFarm, 2017

Direct observations made in the field reveal that parrots are not as clueless as believed until now, mainly because there is a part of the fruits and seeds that, clearly, they throw with intention, otherwise they could not change their behavior in the breeding season, nor discern if a more or less green fruit falls.

In summary, dear readers of @Project.HOPE, this apparently senseless act for us humans, is actually intentional habit, and it follows that the parrots are probably looking to improve the quality and quantity of the fruits and seeds of the trees, therefore, it is a strategy of these birds to improve their diet.


[1] González E. Study finds that parrots throw food on the ground to improve the number and quality of future fruits and seeds. Article: Online access

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Interestingly, everything in nature has its reason to be, for us it is waste for them it is survival.

Greetings @cryptoxicate, exactly nature and its enigmatic codes, the key is to interpret and then generate actions that do not produce imbalances. Thank you for your kind visit, in times of Christmas I wish that these days are full of good vibes and sharing in family harmony.

Thank you for your good wishes, and the same goes for you and your family. Happy Holidays!

Animal intelligence is highly underrated, the more we observe them the more we realize this. Good info, thanks for sharing.

That's right, the intelligence of animals has been underestimated, unfortunately we can't completely decipher their actions, if we do we would be taking a vital step, to relate in a balanced way and with respect. Thanks @fenngen, for leaving your comment.

Nature is just amazing, how some animals have evolved not only their physical bodies but their behaviours with very particular purposes that are not immediately obvious.

Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

Greetings @awah, those particular purposes you refer to, are in large part survival strategies, which the animals put into practice, in the search to create conditions that are favorable to them in time. Thank you for reading.

This was a very interesting article. I wonder if other animals do the same thing. I notice a lot of pests take my growing fruits only to take what looks like a few bites and then discard it. Mostly squirrels.

Greetings @proto26

In the case of rodents, like the Squirrels that take your fruits in growth, they do it as a supply strategy, because it is their way of storing food for the periods of shortage. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

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I am also an agricultural professional, specifically an Agricultural Production Engineer, with training particularly in the plant area, I am happy to find agricultural professionals on the platform, thank you for your visit.

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Of course, we continue to read each other. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Such an interesting post, @lupafilotaxia.

The behavior of some animals is far beyond human comprehension. It will take a lot to evolve to fully understand them.

From observation as a pattern of experimentation, over time we have deciphered certain behaviors of both animal and plant species, an aspect that has given us the possibility of establishing relationships of coexistence. Thank you for leaving your comment.