The pandemic did not stop the multiple forest fires over vast areas of the Amazon Rainforest

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In this new segment, we will review the climate crisis, of global impact that crosses the vast extensions of the Amazon forest, as a result of the devastating fires, which during the Covid-19 pandemic threatened the largest source of oxygen and biodiversity on planet earth.

Fig. 2 The constant fires that swept through the Amazon rainforest during the pandemic further threatened the largest source of oxygen and biodiversity on planet earth. Image of public domain, Author: Terski, 2020

According to information disclosed in recent days in multiple web portals, 2020 represented the worst black year for the vast extensions of the Amazon Forest, where, as in the previous year, forest fires broke out, mainly in a large part of the Brazilian territory. It is worth noting that in the middle of the year thousands of hectares were devastated, turning this vegetable ecosystem into ashes, considered literally as the lung of our planet earth, in this sense, according to the National Institute for Space Research, which monitors deforestation and forest fires in this Amazon country, reported that between 2019 and 2020 there has been a record number of fires in Brazil, equivalent to an increase of over 80% over previous years.

It is relevant to mention that even though forest fires are generated as consequences of long periods of drought, it is no less true that the accelerated deforestation they carry out in the Amazon territory is in essence the real cause of these disproportionate fires, which without a doubt, will produce a global climate crisis, this because, the large extensions of tropical forest located in the Amazon represent an essential carbon sink, which absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere, in other words they represent the VEGETAL LUNG of the planet earth.

Fig. 3 The Amazon Rainforest represents the Vegetal lung of the planet earth. Image of public domain, Author: Cdj, 2017

Faced with this devastating situation of great ecological impact, I take the opportunity provided by the platform and in particular the community @Project.HOPE, to make a call for reflection and immediate action, to all those concerned, to prevent the destruction of the Amazon Forest.


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Brazil is not a first world country, there are a lot of unemployment, even hunger and despair. And in this human condition the florest preservation is a luxury. And it is easy to be "worried" about brazilian forest when the forest of your own country has already been exploited.

Greetings friend @discernente

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most diverse regions on planet Earth. In a way, I am referring to Brazil because it is precisely the territory where the largest forest fires have occurred; however, the call for reflection is for all the states and institutions involved, and certainly there is also a call for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guiana, Peru, Venezuela, and Suriname. Thank you for reading, and leaving your comment.

I agree with you, it is a pity to loose the biodiversity of the Amazon and I understand you preoccupation. But the Amazon is not an international territory, it belongs to sovereign nations that in theory are free to use its own riches as it pleases. We are not invading other nations to exploit their riches, we are just trying to do our best with the ones we already have.

I understand your approach, and in one way or another I agree with you, probably something similar happens to us with the Orinoco Mining Arc, where formally and officially only our state can determine what to do from an economic and environmental point of view. Now, the call that is being made is to generate proposals that tend to generate a balance between production and the environment, in the search to maintain sustainable use over time.

This is certainly not a good year for the Amazon rainforest. On the Brazilian side people are deforesting for agricultural activity and on the Venezuelan side illegal mining is destroying the forest, not to mention the indigenous peoples who are being massacred if not in accordance with these people's plans.

That's right, what you mention is a sad reality, and in the face of these unfavorable situations, voices and proposals must be generated, which in a certain way, get the states involved to design strategies that are sustainable over time, because I think that if we do nothing, we would be condemned to multiple health problems on a global scale. Greetings @trabajosdelsiglo, thanks for leaving your accurate comment.

Hello friend, you hear an excellent publication, the truth is a very sad situation, few people are concerned about these events, on the other hand, not everyone knows the magnitude of the problem and how harmful it can be for all of us human beings, also for animals. We should all be more aware of the damage that situations like these can do to our planet.

Greetings @franyeligonzalez

Your words are very accurate, in fact many people assume that this is a localized problem, a wrong posture or approach, if we consider that the geographical situation of the Amazon rainforest is unique, an element that favors the development of exuberant vegetation, hence, if we do not worry and act, we will inevitably be eliminating these spaces that give life to the planet earth. Thank you for leaving your positive comment.

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Hello @lupafilotaxia, unfortunately it seems to be a never-ending dynamic and this year has been strong from the environmental, economic and health point of view. The problem of these large fires increases and an example of this is happening in Argentina, where there are large amounts of land that are suffering from such conditions. Thank you for your excellent contribution.

Greetings dear Professor @madridbg

That's right, this year was the most aggressive for the Amazon forests, despite the fact that we were in times of pandemic quarantine, an action that shows that there is no pause to stop the rate of deforestation to which we are subjecting these large areas considered the plant lung of the planet. Thank you for leaving your comment.