Sex addiction what does science have to say about it?

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In spite of being in a highly modernized social context where an infinite number of taboos have been overcome, and where in most developed countries sexual diversity is a subject of irrefutable acceptance, paradoxically for society, talking about sex continues to be a subject that is not as open as it once was.

Talking about sex is not such an open topic, this is because in the modern societies in which we live it is not easy to publicly profess one's sexual identity, dissatisfactions, desires and recurrent needs of wanting to have sex, the latter behavior has historically been associated as sex addiction.

Fig. 2 Sex addiction is a recurrent need to want to have sex. Image of public domain, Author: Victoria_Borodinova, 2020

Sex addiction has been labeled as a normal behavior where the person experiences desires that induce him/her to practice sex daily either alone or with a partner, however, science in this regard in multiple investigations has inferred that this sexual behavior is due to hypersexuality or primary hypersexual disorder.

Although the primary hypersexual disorder itself is not a problem, according to experts, practicing sex on a daily basis is a healthy action, mainly because there is scientific evidence that indicates that sexual intercourse improves physical and mental health in people to the point of increasing their immune system.

Fig. 3 Sex addiction has been described as a primary hypersexual disorder, but recent studies associate this behavior to people with disturbed minds. Image of public domain, Author: Sjjp, 2015

Now, it is important to note that practicing sex on a daily basis is healthy, this action can become an obsession or an uncontrollable desire until it leads to negative consequences for the normal development of the day to day, in this regard for science sex addiction is a big problem in our current culture and the ease of access to materials that feed the temptation is unprecedented, so that this behavior is being derived in people with disturbed minds.


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Hyperactive sexual desire occurs in both the female and male sex. This desire exceeds the expected limits in such a way that it interferes with the daily activities of the person's life. As a result, the sufferer is unable to put it off and must satisfy the need almost as soon as it arises. In addition, despite the possible consequences or negative repercussions at a personal, social and even occupational level, the person does not feel able to limit his or her behavior.
This is the limiting case when it interferes with the daily life of the person, if it is an activity that allows the human being to develop in other contexts will always be healthy and is part of the life of the human being, greetings.

Greetings @aplausos, so is sexual addiction interferes greatly in the daily activities of people's lives, indeed this not at all normal behavior is not something so easy to control, thanks for leaving your accurate comment.