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RE: Humans is not descended from monkeys

in Project HOPE3 months ago

Greetings @arnol99 I estimate that you are new to Project.HOPE if so Welcome, the content you post is not very common in the community, however, everything related to evolutionary theory are my favorite topics and more if they are about botany. Certainly it is not a question of leaning or determining which is the most correct theory, Darwin's or Lamarck's, because in both we will find relevant data that help us to continue deciphering the enigmas of nature. Greetings


yes I'am, this is my first post in @project.hope thanks for your warm welcome !!..., I do love about evolution theory it also one of my favorite topics in biology, sure,, it's not about which theory is the most correct but which theory more relevan for better understanding of our nature..nice to meet you....