Plants and their memories

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Tell me if you remember me, what you and I lived nuevo again I want to feel...and see when you are going to come, because remembering is living. The above is a paraphrased fragment of the song memories of the composers Raymond G., and Carlos R., and I wanted to begin the writing of this publication a little to associate that bringing to memory something perceived in the past, learned or known some time ago, or simply holding something in our mind, is not something exclusive to the human species.

About it it is known that some animals have a memory and can have memories of past events, for example, chimpanzees have a photographic memory which later allows them to identify certain geographical positions, cats can retain information in the short term for ten minutes, and the canines have episodic memory, therefore, have the ability to remember complex actions performed by a person in a recent past.

Fig. 2 Dogs have episodic memory so they have the ability to remember complex actions. Image of public domain, Author: 1115305, 2016

Now, beyond the abilities that humans and certain animals have to remember episodes that occurred in the past and relate them in the present, plant species also possess this ability to remember climatic events that they then associate with physiological responses in the present to generate metabolic balances that guarantee them to resist adverse conditions.

Among the events that most remember plants are the periods of drought, events that record to program the physiological saving of water, this according to scientific inferences that ensure that there are biomolecules, which are activated in plant species as a response to remember droughts, making them open their pores less when the climate is drier, and in this way decrease the elimination of water and.

Fig. 3 Plants regulate the opening and closing of their stomata according to the climatic period. Image of public domain, Author: Veronika_Andrews, 2021

According to a study published in the journal Nature, Plants use a signaling molecule called GABA that they use as a kind of neurotransmitter to remember the degree of drought, and when dryness is dangerously increased, the accumulation of this molecule in plant tissue becomes more intense during the day. This fascinating finding around plant species memories is not a new fact, as it has previously been related to other times of behaviors where it has been inferred that plants have memory.


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Wow! I would not have thought that plants have memory too. Well, we learn everyday and I have just learnt one today.

PS: On a humorous note; what if the vegetables we use to cook have memories, they will definitely not be happy with our pot of soup 😂😂

Hello friend @samminator

There are still many debates on this particular topic, we will have to continue to develop tests to elucidate these approaches to whether plants really have memory. Regarding vegetables in our soup, it is an advantage that they have memory and not muscles to defend themselves, because otherwise we would have already given up soups.

Best regards.

Hi @lupafilotaxia

These studies that you point out represent another breakthrough, which helps to plan the different types of activities in this area.
Excellent reading, thank you for sharing it.
Happy weekend!

Greetings professor @janettyanez

Good point indeed these answers that exhibit plant species, allow to design agricultural management strategies in the search for maximum yields in crops.

Best regards.

Hi!, this is an interesting topic. It is true that plants do have a memory. There is a book "La vida secreta de las plantas" (The Secret Life of Plants) by Peter Tompkins, where they did several experiments to measure how much plants can remember. Good vibes!.

Hi @inici-arte

Thanks for visiting my blog, it is certainly one of the most interesting and fascinating topics in the field of botany and plant physiology, I would love to know part of that secret life of plants, I repeat we will have to continue to develop tests to elucidate these approaches to whether plants really have memory.

Best regards, thanks for your good energies.

I never did think plants had memory, I thought they simply made moves based on their environment. Nice piece

Hello @valchiz

As I have mentioned before, there are still many debates on this particular subject, we will have to continue to develop tests to elucidate these approaches on whether plants really have memory. But on the understanding that plants do have memory, they will be able to remember your image of Gasparin lol.

Best regards.

Hi @lupafilotaxia
All living beings enjoy that memory, it is not conscious. Genes are in charge of storing all that is necessary for our subsistence.

Hello friend @josevas217

Excellent analogy, I had not seen it from this approach you describe, but it has a very reasonable interpretation since indeed, all living beings exhibit mechanisms to be able to subsist in time.

Kind regards, thanks for leaving your accurate argument.

Very interesting topic, Plant and theirs memories.
I enjoy reading your posts I learn from varied topics and presented in an entertaining and entertaining way, but with scientific basis.
Thanks for sharing, cheers

Hello @raizayanez

Thank you for your words of appreciation, believe me I really enjoy writing about the wonderful plant world, this is one of my greatest passions I would have married a beautiful plant species, but it was not possible. There will come lives after this one, I may still have a chance.

Best regards, thanks for visiting the blog.

Hello friend as always excellent publication, very interesting about the plants, but I'm sure it is so. Greetings and thanks for the information.

Hi @franyeligonzalez

First thanks for your visit, I hope you are well. This topic has always been little addressed in the field of plant physiology, even though there are doubts if indeed plants have memory, and if they are able to remember this kind of climatic events.

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I have also heard and seen plants have their own memory. You have heard about touch me not plant. Apart from that if we speak with them they give very good results and grow faster.