Let's talk about zombie genes and glial cells

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From the scientific argumentation a zombie is a person who is supposed to be dead and has been reanimated by witchcraft through some kind of spell in order to dominate his will, the zombie figure has been used in cinematography to recreate apocalyptic fiction characters.

At the cinematic level, zombies are reanimated corpses in constant organic decomposition with no intelligence, this figure according to the central script of the film is used as slave characters or as creepy undead that hunt humans.

Fig. 2 From the cinematographic point of view, zombies are reanimated corpses in constant organic decomposition with zero intelligence. Image of public domain, Author: Ahmadreza89, 2016

Now, although the figure of the zombie usually occurs within a science fiction environment, from the scientific point of view, mainly at the genetic level, there are "zombie genes" that are activated only after death.

It is known that the death of any organism does not necessarily mean the death of the cells that form it, in the case of us humans, the heart can continue beating in a deceased person, this is not a paradox because for science it has implications related to certain biological activities.

Recent research, the results of which have been published in Scientific Reports, has focused on elucidating what happens to human brain cells after death, since the cells do not die immediately, and therefore remain alive with strong biological activity.

Fig. 3 So-called "zombie genes" and have the ability to activate glial cells, which are involved in inflammation and defense of the nervous system. Image of public domain, Author: NinaMarie, 2010

The genes found in cells that do not die immediately have been called "zombie genes" and have the ability to activate glial cells, involved in inflammation and defense of the nervous system, hence the inference that these glial cells grow in an uncontrolled manner, seeking to collect nearby debris in order to survive a little longer.


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The human body is amazing, every day new discoveries are made, which give logical response to what we often consider fiction.
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Biological behavior is as you rightly say amazing, indeed fiction is the power of imagination only sometimes it surpasses what we have actually achieved at the level of our knowledge. Thanks for visiting the blog.

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Behind the organic there is a wonderful imperceptible animated world, correct currently are in full trials in the search to elucidate this behavior, and be able to relate it to some favorable response to the medicine.

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Hello friend @lupafilotaxia, I enjoy reading your posts because of the variety of topics and the scientific basis you use.

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We all know and heard about zombie. Human has created many deadly virus that can finish the whole world. We can see recent example of covid-19. Whole world is in slowdown because of this small virus. We need to keep ourself safe and healthy.

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