Dissemination of knowledge and crypto-currencies

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In recent years, researchers in the natural, social and health sciences, especially physicists, biologists, chemists, economists, accountants and many specialists in applied medicine, have invested intellectual capital, making publications in platforms such as #HIVE, with the aim of capitalizing on crypto-currencies that allow them to obtain positive economic benefits, and at the same time make known considerable progress in their research, mainly on the functioning of the world around us, and the study of life, the value of wealth, income, health, and disease control.

Fig. 2 Researchers in the natural, social and health sciences have been actively incorporating into platforms such as #HIVE. Image of public domain, Author: Megan R, 2019

The success of knowledge dissemination and the capitalization of crypto-currencies in communities such as @Project.HOPE, depends largely on the academic quality of the publication, since a publication with good content has a high probability of being accepted and therefore supported.

In addition to academic quality, another key point for users who socialize scientific information in communities such as @Project.HOPE, is the determination to relate to users of different professional and non-professional profiles, as well as the willingness to join groups related to their content niche, and finally to make use of specific labels in the scientific field, in order to reach a greater number of users in certain areas of knowledge.

Fig. 3 The publication of scientific content in communities such as @Project.HOPE allows the exchange of ideas and knowledge feedback. Image of public domain, Author: Geralt, 2014

It is important to mention that researchers in the natural, social and health sciences, who currently socialize scientific content with the aim of capitalizing on crypto-currencies in this type of platform, understand that it is a game of probabilities, whose net benefit depends, among other things, on the constancy, patience, time spent creating the articles, and the level of interaction that we have in the communities, so I want to take advantage of these lines to invite users of the natural, social and health sciences to upload content for the community @Project.HOPE.


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Thanks friend @lanzjoseg, for the support given to this publication.

Many researchers and professionals from different areas of knowledge approached these platforms looking to generate additional income in cryptocurrencies, but I think that after being here and socializing with so many users so diverse in the professional and cultural have seen the potential of being here to share and disseminate knowledge. Undoubtedly it is a work of constancy but thanks to communities like this it is possible.

That's right friend @emiliomoron, most of us who still remain on the platform, somehow we managed to enhance our writing habit, unfortunately this came at a time of crisis on the planet, where institutions or research centers where we work are closed, however, despite not being in laboratory spaces generating new results, we can take advantage of our experience in this field, and disseminate in this type of descriptive content platforms. Thank you for leaving this great comment.

In this community there are many content creators who provide valuable content and generate income from their publications, unlike other social networks where content creators can only earn if they sell advertising, in this wonderful platform you can capitalize on what you know and through an article transmit your knowledge, it is great to have platforms like this.

Certainly what you say is one of the advantages of this type of platforms, capitalizing resources by socializing content, in our case, disseminating information of utilitarian interest. Thanks for leaving your comment, be well.