Coffee, pandemic and productivity

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The moderate consumption of Coffee, has been associated to favorable answers against the physical and mental exhaustion, that arises product of the multiple labor and social activities that we usually carry out day after day, on the other hand, besides these positive answers, from the fiofarmacological thing, the coffee also acts as nutritional substance when contributing carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and minerals like; potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

In this sense, and to enter in details of physiological character it is to mention, that caffeine is the psychoactive phytosubstance that is present in the fruits of Coffee, scientifically has been reported that this phytosubstance acts like energizer and stimulant at neurological level, on the other hand, of a social perspective the caffeine serves as vehicle for the strengthening, and interaction between people, since to take coffee is qualified like an event of social character, that helps to maintain a healthy coexistence and therefore this fortifies the bows of friendship.

Fig. 2 The moderate consumption of Coffee acts as an energizer and stimulant at a neurological level. Image of public domain, Author: Engin A, 2016

Now, having developed the potential that coffee has in our health and social life, it is important to emphasize that the confinement and social distance that currently exists as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, has led to a dizzying increase in the consumption of coffee as an energy drink, This is because, people being forced to change their routines of life, working from home, distance work, or studying online, are elements that have increased the intake of coffee in people, basically looking for relaxation and concentration, which helps to obtain satisfactory results.

Fig. 3 Working at a distance, or studying online has increased coffee intake. Image of public domain, Author: Kaboompics, 2015

Consequently, and considering that the ingestion in high doses of coffee can trigger addictive psychostimulant effects, and toxicological disorders like the increase of the cardiac rhythm, gastric affections, increase of the arterial pressure, and diminution in the levels of absorption of nutrients, the recommendable thing is to plan in these months of pandemic a moderate consumption of coffee (200 mg of caffeine/day, equivalent 3 small cups of coffee a day), because basically this ingestion will make increase our productivity, and at the same time it will maintain us in healthy state.


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Well written article. Coffee is really needed very much during this awful period but excess of anything is bad. 3 cups of coffee is perfect. Thanks for sharing this very informative and educative article @lupafiotaxia

Hello @gifxlove
Definitely, in these times of pandemic confinement, drinking coffee to relax is extremely necessary, in my case I usually drink a lot of coffee, however, I am trying to balance my coffee consumption, precisely to avoid any adverse reaction. Thank you for leaving your comment, warm greetings, we continue reading each other.

Hello friend, honestly coffee is part of my life hehehe, is something that can not miss in my home. My family and I are used to its taste and what it makes us feel once we consume it. It is a great pleasure in life, besides, while I studied medicine it helped me a lot to stay active and awake.

And with respect to pandemia and socialization, you are right a good cup of coffee is not denied or rejected to anyone. Greetings.

Greetings @franyeligonzalez, in my house it is also a family custom, since I was a child I have been drinking coffee.

In my case, since the beginning of the pandemic I started to consume more coffee than usual, it is not easy to moderate the consumption, but I will try.

Hello @lupafilotaxia
I'm a coffee addict from way back, for work, for studies, for my career, in short, I drink a lot of coffee.
Now I spend more time at home than on the street, I live in a country that is a coffee producer, of very good coffee.
And it's not expensive, so it's not easy for me to reduce my coffee intake.
And I haven't tried it either.

Hello friend @josevas217

There are two of us now, it is very difficult for me to control or lower my coffee consumption, it is something that I have not been able to achieve, and this time of pandemic has increased my consumption habit. The coffee there in Colombia, is a reference in the world for its exquisite flavor and smell.

This is a wonderful drink that has a special place in the hearts of Latinos, it is easy to drink in excess and thus cause damage to the body but on the other hand everything in excess is harmful to the health of the man, when I was 25 years I remember the case of a young man who bet on drinking several glasses of water and finally died although I do not have the details of his death people associated his death with excessive consumption of water.

Greetings @trabajosdeliglo, it is unfortunate is to read this type of situation, the excess will always charge us in some way, do not forget that coffee has psychoactive substances, therefore, although it can be consumed in a moderate way, abuse of its consumption will inevitably bring us abversas reactions.

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