Asian giant plans to expand its weather manipulation program

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Greetings dear friends of Project.HOPE, when we talk about climate manipulation, we refer particularly to the strategies applied by the great world powers, mainly countries like the United States, Russia, and China, in the constant search to alter the environment to produce changes in the climate, and thus avoid the outcome of natural phenomena such as extreme rains, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and others.

However, in addition to avoiding the onset of multiple natural disasters, climate manipulation also aims to induce rain to alleviate prolonged periods of drought, fight forest fires, generate favorable responses in agricultural activity, as well as to create favorable conditions to reduce the high temperatures that affect regions with high levels of atmospheric contamination.

Fig. 2 It has been suggested that climate manipulation is aimed at avoiding the onset of multiple natural disasters. Image of public domain, Author: WikimediaImages, 2016

Another element to which climate manipulation has been associated is its potential use as a "weapon of war", where the most powerful countries in scientific and military terms, through the implementation of geoengineering tactics, have created patterns of attacks with chemical substances on the atmosphere, in order to provoke climatic disorders in the airspace of countries considered as enemies.

The HAARP project, or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program led by the U.S. Air Force, is the most powerful and effective "weapon of war" to manipulate the weather, in addition to inducing rain, causing earthquakes, and creating waves capable of altering the normal climate on a global scale.

Fig. 3 The potency and effectiveness of chemicals is used by some countries as a weapon of war. Image of public domain, Author: WikiImages, 2012

However, in addition to the above reality, the Asian giant (China) has ambitious aspirations to also have control of the climate, and as a sign of its progress in this area, the Chinese government recently announced its intentions to expand its climate manipulation capabilities.

Among the initiatives led by China is the expansion of its artificial rain and snow program to cover about 60% of its territory, through cutting-edge technologies that use drones to disperse chemical substances in the air with the capacity to accelerate the condensation processes within the clouds. It should be noted that these announcements by China have shocked its neighboring country India, because there are fears that the massive application of this technology will have an impact on India's summer monsoon.


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Hello @lupafilotaxia
It is impressive what they can do with the use of technology, I had heard that they bombarded the clouds to cause rain, but I knew other things they could do. It is impressive.

Hello friend @josevas217

Yes it is very impressive, this kind of things to manipulate the weather, started precisely by dispersing chemicals in the clouds to induce rain, but then a technological race was unleashed, in search of creating conditions of the climate domain. Greetings thanks for leaving your comment.

Hello @lupafilotaxia
Congratulations very interesting topic of climate manipulation and its impacts on nature. China is a country to keep in mind for its high technological potential.
Keep in touch.

Hello @raizayanez

Specifically China for its high technological potential, is the is the main country to take into account, since for some time the USA has been developing climate manipulation and the results have not been satisfactory for humanity, therefore, if in this race China joins the scenario will worsen in the following years. Best regards, be well.

Hi dear @lupafilotaxia
I am also a conspiranoic at heart and I think that the HARP project is for the climate, although officially they are antennas to study the phenomenon of the aurora borealis, I believe that humans have changed the climate for a long time, when we began to divert the rivers then to build artificial islands, now we also want to control the rain, I guess scientists are close to that, there is already an atmospheric bombardment technique that makes it rain.

Hello friend @ramsesuchiha

Very accurate your comment, the activities of us humans on climate have always created adverse scenarios, and indeed about the HARP project and other related projects are and will remain a mystery to mankind, we will never access the absolute truth. Best regards, be well.

I think there are forces that we simply should not weaponize, and weather is one of them, a little rain here we don't know what effect it will have elsewhere, it's like the nuclear weapons issue, we could be developing a way to annihilate each other. So beyond trying to manipulate the weather to alleviate extreme droughts or fight raging fires, we shouldn't even consider doing more with it.

I agree 100% with you friend @emiliomoron, this kind of situations only reaffirm the little or no real commitment to combat climate change, because if we detail this type of actions in search of manipulating the climate, we will find that for these countries it is easier to create more conditions of climate domination than to act in favor of the climate to reverse the damage.

Hello @lupafilotaxia
It's really amazing the advances, but I keep worrying that they will be used for "weapons of war".
Especially when powers like the US, Russia, and China are focused on leading the way in climate manipulation.
Great article!
Have a great day!
Best regards.

Greetings dear Professor @lupafilotaxia.

As usual this time you share with us another excellent content, it will always be important to inform us about these important techniques of climate manipulation, as long as they are for the purpose stated here so it is important to highlight what you express very well:

when we talk about climate manipulation, we refer particularly to the strategies applied by the great world powers, mainly countries such as the United States, Russia and China, in the constant search to alter the environment to produce. changes in the climate, and thus avoid the outcome of natural phenomena such as extreme rains, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and others.

I believe that here in Venezuela at one time some of these strategies were implemented with the purpose of alleviating the drought and favoring agricultural production and the generation of electricity by our main hydroelectric plant.

It is important to highlight that through the years with the help of the scientific-technological field we have been able to extract from our environment any type of learning in order to increase our social welfare, as long as these applications are controlled and balanced with our precious environment.

Thank you friend for sharing such extraordinary content with all of us, I really enjoyed reading it. Best wishes.

Undoubtedly it must have some negative impact, because whenever the climatic processes that should occur naturally are manipulated, catastrophes have occurred, let's hope that this time it will not be like that.

Greetings my dear friend professor @lupafilotaxia.