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RE: Bitcoin and its sustained growth

in Project HOPE10 months ago

by overcoming the correction of around 3,000 dollars, and then climb and even 12,000 dollars in mid-2019, and from the early months of 2020 start its best sustained growth to exceed 28,000 dollars.

Whenever i think about this, i am feeling very disappointed because i was not accumulated bitcoin when it was 3000 dollars. Well, I have hope from other coins except XRP. let's see. thanks for the great content.


Greetings @luckyali

Don't worry, the market will always have cycles of good times to go up and take profits, look at the beginning of the year, in my case I was buying BTCs, but on impulse I sold them, then I started using them in trading, but I didn't keep those BTCs, and now I realize it was a mistake, but good are market situations, that if we don't know how to interpret them in time, things like this happen to us. Best regards, thanks for reading.