The Use Of WhatsApp Is Positive Or Negative

in Project HOPE5 months ago

Greetings dear @proyecthope community, in today's world the way of communicating has evolved greatly, bringing with it a great variety of advantages and disadvantages


The evolution of mobile telephony has also accelerated the creation of applications to facilitate communication between cell phone and smartphone users. One of these interactive tools is WhatsApp Messenger, which allows users to exchange free messages over the Internet. By downloading the application, the user can start online conversations with their contacts and also create and participate in groups, sharing text files, audios, images and videos.

At first, the application is shown as a great ally of personal and professional communication, since the connection occurs instantly and there is no limit to the number of messages sent or received. The only requirement is that the device can connect to the mobile Internet.

Another positive factor is that the possibility of creating groups can facilitate conversation with coworkers and the creation of a good network of networks, thus contributing to the evolution of the individual's professional career. Study groups can also migrate to the app and take advantage of the ease offered to exchange information about meetings, exams, and meetings.


On the other hand, many people have abandoned the application due to the avalanche of messages received daily, some even insignificant, and the disorderly increase in the number of groups: family, work, school, among others. These two disadvantages end up generating a third negative point listed by those who use the application: sharing inappropriate content.

It is worth mentioning that the high degree of interactivity can be quite harmful at work, especially if the audible alert of the application is activated. The constant arrival of messages disturbs concentration and significantly reduces the productivity of the professional, which tends to generate delays and low quality.

However, one of the biggest problems pointed out by those who study the subject, and by those who decided to cancel the account, is "eternal connectivity". It is observed that, with the ease of virtual communication, many people have neglected social and personal interaction. This is a risk not only for affective relationships, but also for the individual's professional career, since important matters still require more attention and require information to be exchanged in person. After all, on these occasions the tone of voice, facial expressions and body posture are taken into account and contribute to the message being transmitted in the right way.


The alienation of some people demonstrates the overvaluation of the virtual to the detriment of dialogue and contact with other people, which undoubtedly affects teamwork within the company and personal career in a negative way. Therefore, before using an application like this, it is necessary to reflect and set limits for yourself, in order to enjoy only the advantages of the tool.