Teaching from home.

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Teach from home

Because of COVID19, the lives of many people in different countries have changed very drastically, children, adolescents and even university students have changed their dynamics of study due to the measures taken by the different governments of each country to implement quarantines and encouraging everyone to stay at home.

Educational institutions

Many educational institutions around the world are in need of contributing to distance education. In this sense, educators face the challenge of teaching remotely on an unprecedented scale.

Teaching from home is an option that is presented with the collaboration of parents and / or representatives but also relying on technology, since these children and adolescents cannot attend educational institutions.

The education.

Educational institutions have reinvented themselves to continue the educational process. Good news is that Google.org, as part of a donation action plan of 50 million dollars, responds to COVID-19 to create a Distance Education Fund. giving $ 10 million to support organizations in different parts of the world, which are helping educational professionals with the necessary resources to give children the opportunity to continue learning, especially those from the most disadvantaged communities.

Teach from home.

Google creates Teach From Home,an educational resource center for teachers and students. It's a resource center with Google for Education information, tips, training, and tools. All with the aim of helping teachers to continue teaching, even when they are not in the classroom, they will also have all the information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus crisis

This resource center has been created with the support and cooperation of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technology in Education, which is also working with other educational partners to respond to this emergency.


They will continue to work on improving the space as they continue to receive feedback from teachers and partners on how to make it more useful.

Teach from Home is currently available in multiple languages, and they continue to incorporate new languages.

Do you believe that this type of tool will support all those involved?
I mean the students and the teachers, but also the parents. What do you think of this excellent initiative.

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hey @lanzjoseg great post, Covid-19 effected on education. This will surely connect teachers with students and make education easy and at home.

Yeah, this virus affects us all. Even it's my last year in university and now where I need practical work I'm studying from my home!

Hi @taimoorahmad
I am a professor at a university in Venezuela and I am and I am leaning on technology to deliver the classes to my students.

Thanks for stopping by.

Yeah but I'm doing bachelors in Textile Sciences. So this requires practical on a daily basis. Like how I'm going dye cloth at home! Also, our thesis also effected by it.