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RE: Radiation imperceptible to our eyes/ useful tools applied in the technology field_IV

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I know this comment will sound flat, however I must say that I liked it a lot, as always learning something new, friend by chance you have made a publication of the rays that the monitor screen emits as they can affect our sight.

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Greetings my dear friend @lanzjose.

I am glad that you can get some kind of knowledge from my contents, an interesting topic the one you propose because it would be related to the luminous rays components of our white or visible light and the quality of the screens of each electronic device.

Our visible light as we have been able to notice in our electromagnetic spectrum is composed of several bands of colors, and the same are manifested as such in our brains thanks to their wavelengths, the latter (wavelengths) allow our visual capacity to capture a color and another, ie different colors, therefore, each color has its particular wavelength, where, we must emphasize that the wavelength is also linked to the amount of energy intrinsic to each ray of colored light.

Therefore, the shorter the wavelength, the more energy the waves that represent a certain color will have, and to stop the effect of this type of color waves with high energy charge for our eyes we have the quality of the screen of the electronic device, and they can filter or not such wavelengths of high energy power to our retina.

Well friend in a next article I will gladly be deepening on the type of representative waves to a certain color with a certain amount of energy that not being effectively filtered can cause in the medium or long term some refractive problems in our natural screen receiver of the light rays carrying images to the retina, among other causes related to the speed of moving images as we see daily in our devices when viewing a certain video.

Greetings friends we continue reading, thanks for your support. Best of luck.