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RE: Epic’s feud against the Apple App Store is much bigger than Fortnite

in Project HOPE6 months ago

Dear @lucabarbera

Hello friend, first of all I must welcome you to our great community, excellent entry with this publication.

I think this fight will last for a long time, or it will be seen as the fight of ** "David against Goliath" **, we will see from the fence who wins and who loses, but for now they are losing the millions of users who cannot update the game.

By the way yesterday I read two news items that are somehow related,

  1. They are selling iPhone with Fornite for 4,000 or 5,000 dollars, that is crazy in my opinion.

  2. The other news Apple, the first company in the world to exceed a trillion dollars, the apple brand surpasses Amazon in this milestone and continues to grow, its competitors continue to fight but cannot reach their rhythm.

I think we will have a lot of news about it.

Greetings from Venezuela. where hope is born.