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RE: How should technological advances be made for the sustainable development of humanity and the planet?

in Project HOPElast year

Hi @carlos84

Changing paradigms, changing forms and changing thoughts from the very beginning since the children are in the womb.

I believe that your proposal can be achieved but that is the most important thing to educate for those changes because in one way or another for technology to advance we are the ones who create it and if the creator of that technology is not aware that his creation is not good for the environment and only sees it from the economic point of view for his own benefit, I believe that something can never be achieved.

This that is happening now I hope it leaves a message in the world of what should be done and what should not be done. because that virus in some way was created with technology, and those who did it,? were humans to harm humans, what a contradiction, what a true paradigm?

We humans are linked to everything that is done in this world.



Thanks friend for your thoughts on this subject, certainly the key to success in this matter is in educating from very early on. Greetings