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RE: Crypto trends in 2020

in Project HOPElast year

Hi @ritxi

I may sound a bit pessimistic, but I really wouldn't dare say that before the reduction the prices of bitcoin will go down or somehow indirectly down, that after the reduction they will be more palatable to any fork in that sense I think after that the prices will start to shoot up.

Now, with respect to Steem, it will always be a surprise box, those of us who are in it are looking for one way or another for this platform to continue working, that annual 2% return could change if it were also applied to the fall of the currency in a compensatory way in the currency in the sense that it could recover financially and its price would return to its previous level.

@xpilar Thank you very much for this excellent explanation.

Greetings everyone


Thanx for stopping by, the price might go down, but I always try to look from bigger perspective, so I see bright future :-)