Ben Eater 6502 Kit — Day 3

in Project HOPElast year


On day three we add a function to slow down the futures computer to one step per button click. On first glance this sounds pretty easy: Just add a button.

However, buttons have a tendency to bounce and so a de-bouncer is needed.

Parts needed for the de-bouncer

Start putting everything together

Almost done

At this stage one can test the de-bouncer. However, the Reset and Control Voltage are not connected yet and that is needed for reliable operation.

All pins connected

I moved the potentiometer more to the middle. I might glue it down with a not quite permanent glue because the connection is quite flimsy.

Function test

Everything works. Of course without Oscilloscope I can't check if the signal is clean. But Ben Eater tested the circuit so everything should be OK.