Technology driven idea or Idea driven technology?

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Is your idea an outcome of the technology or is the technology being used as a part of the idea?

If your idea has born out of technology, that means your idea is only limited to that particular technology. It is rather an opportunity that came with the technology and its existence depends upon the technology. In that case, the idea can not be replicated in future technologies.

But if your idea is not dependent on a particular technology, you will be able to use upcoming future technologies to pursue the objective.

The short-term game is always dependent upon technology while the long-term game is about using the upcoming technologies.

Which game are you in?


If the idea is to build environment-friendly automobiles, you will use the available technologies to pursue the objective, today its an electric car, tomorrow it can be a hydro-based car and the innovation will continue.

But, if the agenda is to only build an electric car, as there is a market for the electric car and everyone seems to be conscious about the environment then it only a technology-driven idea. Innovation will only be around electric cars.


And in this 21st century where technology is changing at a very fast rate, it can be quiet detrimental if your idea is only fixed to a particular technology.
In earlier days, it was easier to build a career on a single technology but in today's dynamic scenario, it might not be feasible.

We certainly need to do a cross-check whether our idea is specific to the platform/technology or is it beyond.

If we are driven by a vision, it is easy to see how future technologies can be utilised in achieving your objective otherwise hopping from one place to another is a never-ending process.


Technology driven idea or Idea driven technology?

Is the options the same? History proves that whether you focused on a technology or come up with a new idea for technology is the same thing. Scientist performing experiments to innovate a certain technology, but comes out with a new technology and discovery. Everything we do to make progress and innovation is fueled by an idea. For example, electric cars are not about we want to make electric car, but it is someone's solution to a sustainability problem. Others may come up with hydro cars. Technology-driven idea or idea-driven technology have same goal of innovating and making progress.

The example you gave about electric cars is very appropriate to buttress the main point of the post. Emerging technologies are birthed every now and then, and we must also flow with the trend. Nice piece as usual buddy.

Ideas generally do not depend on technology but on the creativity of the person who has them, and it is on them that future technology is developed. This is what has been happening for centuries. @tipu curate 3

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