Technology as a Medium or as a Tool?

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What is your technological creation?

To create is one of the best feelings.

Whenever we encounter the word create, the very immediately thinks about tangible things. We associate tangible things more with the word create, something which we touch or feel.

But now, as technology is coming into the picture, creation is not limited to only tangible things, it is about abstract things as well.

This platform is also an example of abstract creation.

Now that we are surrounded by technology day in and day out, are we involved in creating something beautiful with the help of technology?
Have you built something, which you can say, it is your own creation?

Firstly, let us define, what exactly do we mean by creation?

According to the dictionary,

  • the action or process of bringing something into existence.


Engaging yourself in a creation process is one of the best ways to keep away from the distractions. When we are involved in creating something which is not just limited to us only, we are bound to exceed our own expectations.

Most of us only consider technology as a medium. A medium to get things done. But, the real value will come when we will start looking at it as a tool. A tool to bring something into existence.

Writing just an article is an example of using technology as a medium to express yourself, whereas, building a community is an example of creation. Similarly, there could be a number of other ways of creation too.

So, the question is, are we only using technology only as a medium or do we have moved further ahead by unlocking the true potential by creating something out of nothing?

A Step Further!



Hello @knowledgefruit
A reading to reflect on.
We have to break down barriers and go further.
I agree with you, when you say:

But, the real value will come when we will start looking at it as a tool. A tool to bring something into existence.
We must make better use of technology as a tool to create and not only as a means.

Best regards.

Hello @knowledgefruit
This is an interesting point of discussion, because it is true, now many things are done, they leave us a benefit but we can't touch it.
There are many things that are changing, I wonder how, in 20 years, we will be able to contemplate art, will it be all digital, these are situations that are changing permanently, and we have to reflect on these changes, to adapt ourselves.

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