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Hiring is very critical for any project, to find the right fit is an uphill task for many recruiters.

Asking some questions on the basis of a resume or CV does not guarantee a fair selection. A resume or CV can be easily edited as per the requirement of the company. And if you have a good command of the language, you are through, in most cases.
This is unfair to the ones who can't express themselves clearly.
Not everything which shines is a diamond.

Moreover, sometimes, candidates mug up all the relevant information the day before the interview and portray themselves as the most interested candidate. Does mugging up make them the best fit?


You may say that this is the reason why there are multiple rounds of interview, HR, Technical, Management etc. But in reality, few rounds of interviews cannot determine whether the individual is truly interested in the profile or not.
And, this wrong selection is the root cause of many problems.

Q. So who is the best fit?
A. Someone whose interest matches the vision of the company/project?

When we are really interested in something, we will be doing it against all odds and enjoy the process too. So, how to find real interest?

But the next question is, people have different interest, some for professional growth and some for personal. So, how to differentiate?

Professional interests are the ones that are only limited to the rewards. For example; an individual is interested in learning blockchain programming as there is a huge scope for such developers, it is a market-driven interest. This can change as per rewards or the market.


Similarly, there are some interest areas that go beyond rewards, more close to heart and existence. For example; the same individual mentioned above is also interested in cleaning up the plastic waste as it has emotions attached to it. Now, this is beyond the materialistic gains.

Again, the question is how to find the interest of the individual?

Whenever we are interested in something, we try to learn more and more about it. This means, our learning inclinations hints towards our interest areas.

So, if we can closely take a look at the learnings of the individual, we may well have an idea of the interest areas of the individual.

Learning when done without an agenda of gaining materialist gain, these are known as personal interests.

The recruiter needs this learning information to select the best fit! What the individual is learning, speaks volume about the interest areas!


Your comments are valuable!


It is very true and they should focus on the humanitarian part of each human being, as this helps them discover greater facets that can tell them to make a better decision when hiring.
although today companies have very sophisticated psychological evaluation mechanisms in order to have a more complete profile and know who to hire.

Yes. It is.
Tapping the humanitarian part is very crucial.

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