All about machines part-2

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Hello everyone I hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak. Before few months i decided to give you information about all types of machines which are used in industries for making the products which we use in our daily life. I give only one post about this at that time . Due to lot of reasons i was not able to give more information about this . Today after a long period of time i once again get free form the work and i decided to come back on hive and share information with you. I really miss you all in these weeks.

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In my first part i tell you about the lathe machine which is called the mother of all machines in industries. On lathe we perform lot of operations like turning, and so on. Lathe is one of the oldest machine in industries. Lathe is working on the electricity. Now these days we use CNC lathe which works automatically we have to remain a side and machine works by itself. Lathe has four main parts one is the bed which is rigid body upon which all the other parts are being fastened, second is head stock in head stock gears belts are fitted which moves the spindle in which our work piece is fitted and rotates continuously. Third one is tail stock when the work piece is long if it is fitted in the head stock only the work piece will vibrate which can cause lot of difficulty to our work piece so this type of work piece is fitted in both head and tail stock some times tail stock is used to hold work piece. Fourth one is carriage on the top of carriage we fit the cutting tool which cuts the material and gives the material the definite shape. Now i am going to tell you about some different types of lathes which are given below


First i will tell you about the speed lathes they are known speed lathes because they have high spindle speeds . These are simplest among all the lathes. They don't have any gear mechanics. They are used for wood workings. Second is engine lathes they lathes are used in last years these lathes were driven by the steam engines in which steam drives the spindle. Next is bench lathe which is vary small type of lathe that can be fit in a small table . This type of lathe is used for performing the operation on the vary small parts of work. Next type is tool room lathe this lathe is the modern type of lathe in which few equipments are installed so thay the work which we done will be perfect without any errors. Automatic lathes these lathes work automatically we have just give the programme for operations and the machine do its work by itself. These lathes are used in modern industries all over the world.

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Hello @kmartin
This is something that I really don't know much about, it's not my area of work, so to speak, but a few years ago I had contact with someone who worked with lathes, and I was truly impressed with everything that could be done. At least the little I can explain, I know it was just the tip of the iceberg.

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