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RE: Breeding Cachamas in small spaces

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Dear, @joseph1956.

I consider that the topic discussed fits perfectly both in economics, since it is an alternative way to obtain benefits as in business, for the same reason, on the other hand, fish farming is linked to agriculture and the concept of this is well remarked "Set of economic activities".

I agree, but reading your post, I couldn´t find any phrase that made reference to monetary gains, marketing, supply, and demand of the cachama.

This is the single line related to commerce:

The fish are marketed directly or sold to markets, fresh from the ponds.

You could have emphasized the economic part but you didn't.


It is a matter of optics, in the post I indicate the way it is bred and the result of this derives in profits or savings. I emphasize that the fish is a hybrid, something that is part of technology, but the general idea is to show new alternatives of economic income that are being practiced in the country.

I totally agree.
Have a nice day appreciated friend @joseph1956.

thank you for visiting my blog, in the next ones I will deal with the topics more punctually according to what you recommend me.

I'm sure you will.