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Appreciated @ianballantine.

Thanks for your valuable comment.

Within our work philosophy is to avoid addressing the political or religious issue in our publications. This is thematic that could create hurtful ideas of certain ideological positions, which often trigger undue reactions and "dirty" the exchange of comments.

As you can imagine, it is often difficult for our Venezuelan writers to avoid comments that allude to the socio-political situation of their country, since it is an extremely overwhelming and alienating reality for them.

What regular reporting mechanisms will you put in place? How will these be broadcast to supporters?

So far our dynamic is based on the curation of the publications that are resteemed in our blog @project.hope.
100% of the SP is paid weekly in a liquid way to our supportes in proportion to their delegation.
So far we have not decided to broadcast regular reports with curatorship or ROI information to our delegators. Although all the information is easily accessible at

Your Friend, Juan.


Thanks Juan, your comments have alleviated my fears of "take-over" for political or religious commentary. I trust you Juan, and your other loyal followers, to screen posts and comments. What has happened in Venezuela can happen anywhere where ideology replaces common-sense. Is there a place for Venezuelan writers in the Steem platform? Of course, all are welcome here. I look forward to helping your Project Hope grow and prosper.