Have you ever been attacked by Hackers?

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The council of Europe convention on cybercrime defines cybercrime as a wide range of mischievous things to do including the unlawful interception of data, system interferences that compromise network integrity and availability, and copyright infringements.

Other forms of cybercrime encompass illegal gambling, the sale of unlawful gadgets like weapons, drugs, or counterfeit goods, as well as the solicitation, production, possession, or distribution of toddler pornography.

In different words, cyber crimes are defined as offenses that are dedicated against persons or groups of men and women with a crook reason to intentionally harm the popularity of the victim directly or indirectly, using modern-day communication networks such as the internet (chatrooms, emails, notice boards and groups) and mobile telephones (SMS/MMS)

The prosperity of the internet has enabled an amplify in the volume of cybercrime activities because there is no longer in need for the criminal to be physically present when committing a crime.

The internet's speed, convenience, anonymity, and lack of borders make computer-based editions of economic crimes, such as theft, money laundering, or fraud, and hate crimes, such as stalking and bullying, less complicated to elevate out specifically among youths.

Youths have proven an enlarge in involvement in cyber-related crimes. the majority of cybercrime instances towards youths are sexual in nature geared closer to disgracing their mate or friends on social media as a hierarchy of revenge.
Youth expose their nude images or the picture of their colleagues on social media for various illegal reasons.

In this technology-driven society, youths are motivated to have laptops, smartphones and end up to be computer literate but the challenge is that little or no recognition has been curated closer to cyber education.

some of the students are unaware that such conduct is unlawful and that the penalties can be severe. Police take cybercrime extraordinarily significantly and will make each and every effort to arrest and prosecute offenders.

Youth who have obtained equal technological capabilities are counseled to use the capabilities to boost their career dreams alternatively than venturing into a crime that will ultimately break them in the future.




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