The importance of genetics in the current situation - Part Three

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I will continue with this topic that is particularly interesting to me, I know that it is also for many, that is why I have been sharing a series of posts talking about what is DNA and what is the importance in this precise current historical moment.

Let's start and move on to this exciting topic.

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The sciences in general in the last decades have been of unprecedented advances, uniting different areas of human knowledge in search of improvements for humanity - at least in most cases, as far as the area of genetic research is concerned, after the in-depth study of the genetic code there has been an increase in interest in this area, and an eagerness to see how this discovery can be exploited.

The human genome is the set of genetic material that is inherited and that can be transmitted to our children, it is in this one where all the information of how our organism will work, of which diseases we are ready to suffer, practically everything is written there. It's in the form of chromosomes inside the cell nucleus.

The main reason why I wrote this series of publications has been the intention to show (in a simple way) the importance of this knowledge in the current situation of pandemic. The previous publication related to this topic was completed by mentioning that viruses are fragments of DNA or RNA, covered by a protein membrane. Well, knowing their structure is important in order to understand this which I will explain next.

Viruses are microscopic agents, which can only live when they enter the cell of another organism. They use all the cellular machinery to be able to reproduce and thus create total chaos in the invaded organism.

It is necessary to visualize the following, both DNA and RNA are information, if a cell is determined to fulfill a specific function and a virus enters and takes possession of it, this invasor* will cause it to function inadequately or be destroyed once the virus has replicated enough, so much so that the cell collapses and when it bursts the virus will be released, which will end up hosting in other cells and doing the same, causing malfunction or destroying it.

Assuming that all the organs of our body are composed of millions of cells, when a virus, for example the CoronaVirus invades it, destruction is imminent, that is why many die, because the lungs are progressively destroyed until it is impossible for the body to absorb Oxygen (vital) and eliminate Carbon Dioxide (Toxic). Is this understood? I hope so.

Well, knowing the structure of the virus, that is to say, the chain of DNA or RNA that makes it up, allows in the first instance to achieve a specific medication that interferes with its replication process, and of course to create a Vaccine later on.

The artificial intelligence is being used to be able to analyze thousands of medicines in a very fast way to try to locate the most suitable one and to stop the development of the disease in who is in contact with the virus. Also the genetic engineering has allowed to create the virus in laboratory to be able to submit it to different tests...Yes, fortunately and unfortunately I must say that any virus is feasible to be created in laboratory. That is why nowadays there are those who claim that this *(Coronavirus) is a virus that was created by man and not a natural mutation.

Just as when someone creates an artistic work and registers it for its copyright, the same happens with the creation of viruses in laboratories, there are creation patents in this area as well.

You may wonder why they have to be searched.

I will make the analogy of computer programs, they are created for a potential good, that simple, their creator registers them so that nobody takes away the merit. Computer viruses are also programs, only created for malicious purposes.

Do you understand the analogy?

If you look for example at the SARAMPION vaccine, it's created from a virus, the same one that causes such a disease, in fact it's the same virus, only they remove from the DNA or RNA chain the part that causes the malfunctioning in the body that invades, and leave only the part that makes our body's immune system create the tools to defend it.

By this I mean that they are tools that in principle are created for a good, but there is no lack of those who can use them improperly . obviously pursuing some benefit, which in this case (if the theory of a created virus is true) we don't know what it will be...

This is only part of the importance of all the progress that has been made in this area of genetics in the last decades.

In the next publication I will bring other examples of their involvement in different areas.

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Certainly that scientific research and advances in the fields of Life Sciences studies have been remarkable in the last decades, unfortunately, their use is not limited to well-being but could also be used for the development of biological weapons .

I really wish that AI and developments in genetic research can help develop a medicine that allows treating the disease and a vaccine that prevents its spread.