Technological trend hand in hand with educational trend?

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Hello Project Hope community, I hope you all have a great week ahead. We are very clear that technology is taking over everything, and even more so since last year, since we have seen a technological boom in all fields of daily life, especially in the medical sector. But, in the same way there have been great advances in other sectors such as transportation, delivery systems, education, in short, in everything.

This led me to think that the field of work could be changing dramatically. I think the trend is that the requirement for people trained in technological areas is increasing, but there are not enough professionals in those areas to meet the demand. I could be wrong in my perception, but, that is what I think. I would like to give some reasons below to justify my approach.


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I will take as an example the Blockchain technology, which has only been in use for a little more than 10 years, and its applicability has been increasing, however, are there enough professionals trained in this area to be able to supply all the demand?

I think not, sure there are many programmers, but who have knowledge in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, certainly not.

What are the reasons for this? Simply that it is a new technology, and that in recent years its development has been taking its way. There is talk of the possibility of its application in data records such as university degrees, and it is even thought of as a solution for electoral processes, in which it would be practically impossible to manipulate the results.

The management of public finances and that it is reflected in a Blockchain, would prevent these major acts of corruption from continuing to occur, because it would be easily detectable. Now, are there enough people around the world to be able to carry out this whole process of adaptation? I don't think so. Universities do not always keep up with innovations, because changing their curricula always requires the approval of many steps, and also that those who approve this must be knowledgeable in the subject, which adds another factor that could delay the training of more professionals in these areas.

But, in spite of all this, there is an enormous advance, there is no denying it. I think that from now on the most demanded careers in universities will not be medicine or law, as has been the case for decades, but those related to technological areas. Of course, doctors and lawyers, architects, etc. will still be needed, but they must broaden their knowledge in technology, in order to have a better chance to compete in the new world, one in which technology is more and more with all of us.

I would like to know what you think about this.

Thank you very much for reading me.


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I once humorously told someone that technology is advancing so rapidly that we might get to a point where there will be more techs than professionals to use them. Well, I think that many professional should be trained to match the waves of technological advancement.

Nice piece buddy

I do agree with that technology is advancing at a rate that we would get more technologies than actual tech specialists.

This creates a problem I think for universities and for companies.

As stated in the article, universities take longer to adapt to new technologies versus businesses and industries. For industries, I do agree that the ideal thing is to have professionals being trained to match the waves of technological advancement. The thing I worry about is if companies are willing to spend time and resources to train people. So many job postings (in Toronto area at least) have crazy wish lists that want a ready to go candidate and don't have time to train supposedly.

That is a great detail, I see it very difficult for companies to invest in training, surely they are going to wait for people to train on their own and then take advantage of what the worker can contribute.

It is quite likely that soon there will be more technicians than professionals. I think so too.

Very successful friend your publication, there will always be the demand in many careers that are strictly necessary, however with this technological advance and despite how AI is taking space, there will always be the demand in technology-related careers.

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As they say, there is something for everyone. But I also believe that the level of development of the country has a lot to do with it.

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The blockchain is being widely used in business and many other applications, companies will gradually seek solutions in the blockchain to optimize their processes, so this field has a great future and opportunities to develop professional branches. Although certainly in the academic world there are many requirements to meet to see a career linked to this world, many jobs will require the development of these professions.

Greetings friend @josevas217

Paradoxically, conventional technology trends maintained in the last decade a steady growth, however, in that time period was not seen a massive adoption in education systems, and precisely technological boom originated in the months of pandemic, and it was precisely in these months of isolation when conventional technology took over the education systems, or at least took over the teaching / learning methods. Perhaps Blockchain technology, has already made inroads into the university system and it is a matter of time, before we begin to see its impact. Thanks for sharing this interesting approach.

Universities must first train their professors in terms of this technology, and then provide training in this regard. I think there is still a long way to go.

Hi @lupafilotaxia
Certainly, in the end it is a matter of time to know whether or not you are really advancing this new technology, i.e., whether or not you are succeeding in bringing it to other traditional educational sites.

Blockchain has a lot of use cases - maintaining records, tracking and connecting people and establoshments peer to peer cutting off the middle man. Theory is this will improve efficiency. For a product that is brought oby customer, its authencity can be checked with it being possible for tracking of the product from its source through blockchain.

I don't know if it can effiminate curruption, I hope it does, but there are innumerable use cases.

That's what in theory I heard, ofcourse we have witnessed the DEFI boom, that's decentalised borrowing, lending while storing your own funds in self custodial wallets.

However, I am a lay person in terms of knowning blockchain technology, but I know somewhat about crypto currencies, its wierd right. But we need people who are not technical also in the field I guess, diversity always good.

I don't see my country doing much to embrace blockchain technology, colleges and universities, I think you may be better off without them and learn on your own in this field, many certified courses are there online if required to get certified and all, anyway.

The earlier you equip youself, more head start you know, being ahead of the crowd, because, market may get saturated later, though that will take a while I guess, but earlier you get in spotting a wondow of opprtunity, it will give more benifits and all.

Hi, actually I think very few countries are doing much in the way of Blockchain training, but yes, certainly, the possible uses are almost infinite, we have to see where it all ends up.
For our part already being here, at least we know more than le average.

Certainly, for many years now, the technological area has been one of the main employment options for the labor sector.
It is evident how the demand for technological skills has increased as a fundamental part of the requirements for the jobs demanded by companies.
Excellent reading @josevas217
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Hello, the last few years have been of impressive evolution, however, last year was as if to stand out far above the advances that were happening. I think this year will be much better, really.