Some notes on Photovoltaic Solar Energy - Everything has its downside

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Hello community Project.Hope, I hope you have an excellent week ahead of you, plus things are stabilizing in your home countries. This week I start my publications in PH continuing with a topic I started a few days ago in this publication, in which I talked about some not so favorable points that wind power generation has, so I had some questions about the electric power generated from solar energy.

That although there is a lot of talk about it, I figured that "like everything", it must have its not-so-good points, and so I did some research on it.



I will start by highlighting the strengths of this energy, which are mentioned in different articles, I can summarize them as follows:

  • It is Renewable, also Inexhaustible (coming from the sun, then, the star king would have to disappear, not to count on it), it does not contaminate, it has a positive effect on global warming because it decreases the use and generation of energy from other sources, so it also decreases the consumption of fossil fuels. The generation of these solar power plants can create large amounts of employment in the area where it is established, and in a way makes it self-sustainable.

These are some positive points that can be highlighted on their own, if I make a comparison with wind energy, I can say that the noise that is generated in the former, will not be present here.


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Something that caught my attention, within the benefits is that you can even generate some kind of profit from your investment. In what way?

In the installation of these systems, it is possible that from their use we can generate more energy than we need for the operation of our home or business, and this surplus could be used to sell it to other people close to us, or at least in my opinion it is an option we have to have an additional income.

I want to clarify that I am talking in this specific case about the energy obtained from photovoltaic solar panels, which "are those that transform solar energy into electric energy " Source. Because in addition to this type there are also the thermal solar panel and the concentrated solar panel, which have other interesting functions .

Of course, not all pink, as it is popularly said, there are some details that I must highlight as disadvantages, I could say. the first thing:

  • It is the low efficiency that is obtained, it is estimated that approximately 30% of the solar energy that arrives at the panels is what can be converted into electrical energy, so this leads us to another great detail, which is the following.

  • It is necessary of great extensions of lands to have a great benefit, at least for great amounts of houses and establishments. We are talking about hectares, in this case.

  • The other great detail is that it is an expensive technology, large investments are required to carry out these facilities, like all renewable energy, is usually expensive, we know.

  • It is easy to be affected by variations in the climate. If it is very cloudy, the solar energy decreases in proportion that it reaches the panels and of course the amount of energy that will be produced is less.

  • For the manufacture of the panels is used "cadmium sulfide and gallium arsenide ", highly toxic components that take centuries to decompose. Then, those solar panels that are already fulfilling their useful life must find a place for them, in which nature is not harmed, there is a great detail.

As you can see, there are good points and others not so much in each thing that human beings undertake, I guess in these cases should be assessed in terms of risk benefit to the world, for humanity and see what is most convenient.

Thank you very much for the reading and support in advance.

Good week to all


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Your post reminded me of how much I want to see illustrative charts on the developmental progression of solar panel absorption per area of direct sunlight. IDKY exactly, but I recently saw something (movie, online discussion) that hinted on a big break in the tech. Now there is a road project that has impressive results, but its demos was in wide open spaces and probably in an uncharacteristically sunny area.

It is an interesting area in development, but the point is that its proper functioning also depends on other aspects such as climate. Thank you for comment

Hello @josevas217.

There is a negative aspect of photovoltaic solar energy that you mentioned, which in my opinion is what has not allowed the development and expansion of this technology, and it is the fact that each photovoltaic plate cannot take advantage of solar energy 100% to generate electricity, so the generation of electricity from this technology ends up being very expensive and ends up depending on the weather conditions of each region.

Greetings friend and thank you for sharing this important post.

Yes @carlos84
Certainly, I have had to read to understand that, it is not my area, but I was interested in learning a little about it.
Thank you for commenting

Greetings @ josevas217 .

Among the negative aspects that are mentioned of photovoltaic energy, and referring to what you say about cadmium sulfide and gallium arsenide, are toxic components that in the future affect the environment because with these filters and pipes is more resistant to fluids, as it will be the photovoltaic plate which will convert the energy of the sun into electricity, we can also mention that not all the energy of the sun use 100% solar energy to generate electricity, which determines that it is expensive. Greetings friend and thank you for sharing this important article

Hello friend @josevas217

A very interesting publication, as everything there will always be an advantage and a disadvantage, but I really think there are more advantages in this case. It would be excellent for underdeveloped countries to implement this type of energy. I believe that we would save ourselves many problems, especially in my country, Venezuela. Thank you for sharing.

Yes, everything has its good points and not so many, but the benefits are greater in this case.

Very well written my friend, but as you have mentioned, the negative side of it is the value of money you have to gather to purchase it and for you to purchase the capacity that will suits your need, it might be too expensive to consider. Though if through calculation is done, and comparing your purchase for generator and your expenses for fuel within a year, it sum up to or over the money needed for a solar energy. Another point made about climate control must be considered too. If we couldn't have sun for a day or 2, I will be denied the usefulness of what I spent so much money to acquire. Nevertheless, the benefit of this energy outweighs the negative side. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

Hi @bernie111
Yes, the high cost is one of those things that often limits their use.
But, it has many positive aspects.
Some time ago I saw a house that worked only with electric energy, I thought about that, they must have made a big investment for that. But in the long run, it can be much cheaper, considering that here in Bogota the prices of services are very high.