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RE: Bitcoin and its sustained growth

in Project HOPElast year

Hello @lupafilotaxia
It is an important point to point out what you share here in your post.
Actually, if we look at the BTC movement since its beginnings, its price has been rising, with important corrections, which, as you say, is normal in the financial world.
However, the altcoin this year has not been very positively affected by the increase in the price of the BTC.
But history speaks for itself, and with the previous corrections of BTC, many altcoins have marked their maximum prices, ripple, steem, SBD, TROn, LTC, are clear examples of this. That in January 2018, after starting the BTC correction, they marked very good prices.
Let's wait and see what happens.


Greetings dear friend @josevas217

I was not in the previous maximum prices of 2018, I entered the platform in March of that year, certainly a similar behavior is expected, the point that motivated me to write about the atypical behavior that has precisely experienced the cryptomomedas of less hierarchy, is because, since then they are marked a frank decline, and in this period many projects have disappeared precisely because they are not at all attractive to make significant investments. Thank you for leaving your important and valid point of view.

No friend, neither did I run with the luck of being at that time, between the end of January 2018, that great moment of prices had already concluded.
Let's hope we can soon enjoy something similar

I hope that this is the case, to be able to observe a favorable behavior in the rest of the cryptomonas, fundamentally STEEM and HIVE.