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RE: The Biggest news for the world is of the roll out of the first Covid-19 vaccine in the UK!!

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Hello @mintymile
After a year of covid, with all the fuss it has caused and also the number of deaths, global economic breakdown, I still wonder why they don't treat HIV, which is the biggest pandemic in the world even today, equally aggressively. Even malaria continues to kill more people in the world, and there is treatment and ways to counteract it, not to mention the Ebola that continues to wreak havoc.

Finally, the Covid vaccine, yes, but I still find everything that has happened a bit strange.


HIV is another Fauci scam.

The world is stuck with the Pandemic. HIV, we can be careful, though no cure, its not like COvid contagious. In my country, everything looks ok now, we are not panic stucken like before on Covid.

As for HIV, there is stigma. Mostly its spread through intercourse, and youth awareness on safety on this needed. Not much talk on it. And in conservative societies, like even my own when we are looking for a partner, its difficult to ask them to take a blood test to confirm their HIV negative status, before proceeding further.

But in contemporary society all that is ofcourse needed - talk on this, disclosure, transperancy, trust and so on.

I am sure no one reveals their HIV status because of stigma.

All these diseases I hear are because of humans having come in contact with wild animals. More diseases are coming I guess...dammit.