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RE: Environmental Feasibility of Automotive Green Engineering

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Hi @lupafilotaxia
Recently I saw in Boogota, here where I live, an electric truck, but it is the only one I have seen, and this is a city with a lot of vehicular traffic.
What there is is a great use of electric bicycles and traditional bicycles, that helps in some way the ecology and decontamination.
However, it's not effective enough to make it better as we all hope.
It's up to us to see what happens with all this electric car stuff, if mass production really happens.


Greetings friend @josevas217.

Clearly from the environmental and social point of view, this type of technology is much more environmentally friendly and practical to use. In relation to the issue of mass production, this is precisely the point being discussed, in addition to the problems of battery charging, which are not as environmentally friendly as believed.