Autism. Disorder or evolution?

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Every year the percentage of people born with autism is increasing, in fact the ascending line has not stopped in the last twenty years and the lack of knowledge about the reason that causes this syndrome is still mysterious.

Over the years it has come to be labeled in many ways, special condition, syndrome, disorder and according to the individual's abilities it is currently classified as type 1, 2 or 3, the number being what until recently were called Asperger's.

The world is becoming more and more autistic and technology has managed to integrate many to coexistence, since the problem of ASD is synthesized in three areas, socialization, empathy and communication.

The global village of the future is not made up of hugs but of long-distance friendships, instead of handshakes there are video calls, the meeting point is a screen and cyber-love is becoming more and more frequent, so it will not be long before there are virtual marriages, where everyone lives at home, in the part of the world where they reside..

With each passing year the personal approach becomes less relevant and the new generation inventions are aimed at automating the human being, making him/her dependent on them.

The current pandemic would seem to be a fertile field to demonstrate that the conditions of ASD are the most suitable, since social distancing has caused people to become accustomed to sharing from afar.

Conspiracy theorists claim that life on earth was sown by extraterrestrial beings and that these are responsible for the great advances of man in all fields of science and it cannot be ignored that the one who revolutionized physics with his theories was someone with Asperger's condition, Albert Einstein and it could be a coincidence but reviewing great geniuses we find many similar ones within the autistic spectrum.


In the dystopian saga that was fashionable a few years ago, whose title is Divergent, flirts with the fact that there are different beings with special conditions and these meet the standards of the TEA, as happens in The Hunger Games and Maze Runner..

It has always been pointed out that autistic people live in their own world and that this world lacks the feelings as strong as the so-called neurotypical beings, since their emotions are processed more slowly and this isolates them from the immediate consequences they produce, there is a whole debate about the veracity of these issues..

The truth is that if there is no way to stop the trend, the world will be populated with more and more autistic people, because there is a genetic load that produces a high probability that the offspring of those who suffer from this condition will be born with it..

And there are no racial conditions for this to happen, there are autistic Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Africans, Australians, which leads to the doubt that without noticing it, the human being is evolving towards a less empathic future where technology is the spearhead where humanity rests..


Are more people becoming autistic or are the numbers of people diagnosed with it going up? A good start would be a country by country breakdown of diagnosis rates, you might see some curious data...

The diagnosis adds it to the statistics but it does not measure the reality of the people who have it, for this reason I speak of evolution. No one becomes autistic, you are born autistic.

This, I doubt it's evolution more people are aware that it exist.
Same happens in Poland with ADHD in the past those people were just considered to active to learn and they have to work physical.

Everything in this world have its bad and good side
I think autism is not so bad or a disease which people imagine

One thing that does not get discussed often enough is the rare medical term "Asperger's by proxy." In other words, there is an infestation of parents here in the United States of America who obsess over getting their underage kids or adult children to get testing and treatment for Asperger's Syndrome that they don't even need based upon deluded fantasies that these same parents have of reinventing themselves as the perfect parents who did everything right with their kids and are not to blame for their kids failing to be the way they want them to be. It's like a colossal ego trip for these parents, and it's sickening even to think how often it goes on.

"Asperger's by proxy" poses a danger to our society and to the safety of children, and it needs to be stopped. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous mental-health professionals who take no reluctance in feeding this same fire whenever one of these parents bring their child to them to get a bogus Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis for the right price. In any event, your article was interesting.