The first vehicles of the future today (EN - CAST) Los primeros vehículos del futuro hoy

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The first vehicles of the future today (EN - CAST) Los primeros vehículos del futuro hoy


The Urban Aeronautics company works in Israel, it is developing a type of aerial vehicle that is very similar to the flying cars from the movie Blade Runner, although it also has a touch of the flying taxis from the movie 'the fifth element' and that is actually The original idea of ​​the company was to create an air taxi called cityHawk of which they have already built a prototype, but an opportunity has now arisen for the vehicle to be a reality on the streets or rather in the skies, although for a reason other than that of passenger transport.

The circumstance that has motivated this progress has been a bit sad, but it is that during this "pandemic" all possible forms of medical transport have been necessary and ambulance services have often been saturated, which is why the air ambulance service had the idea of ​​contracting the services of Urban Aeronautics for the construction of four aerial vehicles in order to transform them into flying ambulances.

En Israel trabaja la empresa Urban Aeronautics, está desarrollando un tipo de vehículo aéreo que se parece mucho a los autos voladores de la película Blade Runner aunque también tiene un toque a los taxis voladores de la película 'el quinto elemento' y es que en realidad la idea original de la empresa era crear un taxi aéreo llamado cityHawk del cual ya han construido un prototipo, pero ha surgido ahora una oportunidad para que el vehículo sea una realidad en las calles o mejor dicho en los cielos, aunque por una razón distinta a la del transporte de pasajeros.

La circunstancia que ha motivado este avance ha sido un poco triste, pero es que durante esta “pandemia” han sido necesarias todas las formas posibles de transporte médico y los servicios de ambulancias se han visto muchas veces saturados, por ello el servicio de ambulancias aéreas tuvo la idea de contratar los servicios de Urban Aeronautics para la construcción de cuatro vehículos aéreos con el fin de transformarlos en ambulancias voladoras.


This flying vehicle is and vertical landing has two engines and is very light. It will use jet propulsion with cabins that are between 20 to 30% larger and much quieter than those of helicopters with similar characteristics, this aircraft is planned to complete its development and certification for use in emergency services within a period of 3 to 5 years.

Este vehículo volador es y aterrizaje vertical tiene dos motores y es muy ligero utilizará propulsión a chorro con cabinas que son entre un 20 a un 30% más grandes y mucho más silenciosas que las de los helicópteros con características similares, está previsto que esta aeronave complete su desarrollo y certificación para su uso en servicios de emergencias en un plazo de entre 3 a 5 años.


At this point you may tell me that there are already more ambulance helicopters, what advantage this vehicle has compared to traditional helicopters; Well I will answer that it has many advantages, the first, the one I told you before, makes less noise and that is good for a patient or for anyone who travels in that vehicle; Another advantage that you can see with the naked eye is that it does not have helicopter propellers, which allows this flying vehicle to move and perch in smaller and more complex areas, such as areas that have cables or in a street with street lamps and Other elements that would make access to a helicopter impossible, and what is more, all this that I am telling you is not a theory of the future, they have already verified it with a prototype called a cormorant, designed for military use and which has successfully carried out more than 300 tests.

Llegado a este punto puede que me digáis que ya existe más helicópteros ambulancia, qué ventaja tiene este vehículo frente a los tradicionales helicópteros; bueno les contestaré que tiene muchas ventajas, la primera, la que os dije antes hace menos ruido y eso viene bien para un enfermo o para cualquier persona que se traslade en ese vehículo; otra ventaja que podéis ver a simple vista es que no tiene las hélices de los helicópteros, lo que permite a este vehículo volador moverse y posarse en zonas más pequeñas y complejas, como por ejemplo zonas que tienen cables o en una calle con coches farolas y otros elementos que harían imposible el acceso un helicóptero, y es más todo esto que os cuento no es una teoría del futuro, ya lo han comprobado con un prototipo llamado cormorán, diseñado para uso militar y que ha realizado con éxito más de 300 pruebas.


Finally, this air vehicle is going to move thanks to hydrogen fuel cells or cells, we return to hydrogen, this is the objective of future models, which hope to be able to use the next generation fuel cell called eVtol, those hydrogen cells When they are ready, they will have a useful life of 5,000 to 20,000 hours and it will only take a few minutes to recharge, which represents a significant improvement compared to other existing energy systems.

Por último este vehículo aéreo se va a mover gracias a pilas o celdas de combustible de hidrógeno, volvemos al hidrógeno, este es el objetivo de los futuros modelos, que esperan poder utilizar la pila de combustible de próxima generación llamada eVtol, esas celdas de hidrógeno cuando estén listas tendrán una vida útil de 5.000 a 20.000 horas y sólo tardará unos minutos en recargar, lo que representa una mejora significativa con respecto al resto de sistemas energéticos existentes.


This is just one of the many flying vehicles that are being developed today, when I was a kid, 2020 was the future and in that future there were flying cars, well there were also zombies, murderous robberies, alien invasions and deadly viruses, those of mortals themselves were not wrong, but I do not think they are going to be wrong on the subject of flying cars or flying vehicles, I think we are on the verge of seeing a revolution in the world of transport, what do you think about it?

Este es sólo uno de los muchos vehículos voladores que se están desarrollando en la actualidad, cuando yo era crío el 2020 era el futuro y en ese futuro había autos voladores, bueno también había zombis, robos asesinos, invasiones extraterrestres y virus mortales, los de los mismos mortales no se equivocaron, pero tampoco creo que se vayan a equivocar con el tema de los autos voladores o vehículos voladores, creo que estamos a las puertas de ver una revolución en el mundo del transporte que opinión tienes al respecto.

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Of all the science fiction objects that have yet to become reality are flying cars. I don't know if the monopolies of automobile companies have anything to do with it, but cars with fuel other than gasoline were put on the streets first, rather than airplanes.
As you mention this is one of many projects towards that end, even there is already one approved The PAL-V Liberty developed in the Netherlands and in 2018 there was even the pre-sale of the Transition developed by the company Terrafugia which was later acquired by the Chinese.
Personally, I believe that there is still a long way to go for this debt to be paid.

I imagine that many behind the scenes happened, as you say there are many interests and they dictate what to develop and what goes on the market. Thanks for the support!

Hello @jorgebgt
Flying cars has been the dream of human beings for many years, companies like Volkswagen, Toyota with the Skydrive, among others have and are working on it, but there is no certainty when this will really be a reality for everyone.
Great read, thanks for sharing.
Best regards.

Yes, it is a kind of career, development and innovation! thanks for reading me and for the support !!

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