Nuclear Fusion can be a reality.

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Nuclear Fusion can be a reality.

El Iter el experimento nuclear que podría sentar las bases de la única fuente de energía viable para el futuro empezó su ensamblaje.

10 years after its construction began in Cadarache in the south of France, the international nuclear fusion energy experiment has begun the assembly phase of the reactor, it is one of the largest scientific projects of our era, since it aims to demonstrate that the Nuclear fusion can be profitable to be generated in the future on a commercial scale and if I say that it is the only viable source of energy for the future it is because instead of breaking uranium atoms, as is done in current nuclear fission plants.

This technology joins hydrogen atoms to generate energy, so it is safer, hardly generates waste and the fuel is practically infinite, water, the problem is that so far in the previous fusion reactor prototypes more energy is spent to put them underway, not the one that is generated as the plasma of the reaction shuts down rapidly but the iter is expected to change the paradigm with its first start-up predicted for December 2025, something that could forever change the course of humanity.

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