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At Pascal, we have been persistent in maintaining and developing out blockchain technology as well as the managerial aspect of the Pascal coin project. We have not relented a bit in the all-round development of the project. Throughout the past couple of weeks, we have been working behind the scene to ensure continuous development of the pascal project.

An optimistic new month for everyone of us at Pascal, development have been going on in earnest and with each day that passes by, Pascal blockchain gets better!

It’s been an interesting run of days and we bring you the major highlights of the past month as it concerns the Pascal blockchain project.

We are re-writing the original Pascal blockchain codebase to a more modern programming language!

Our previous update reflected on a proposal to re-write the Pascal blockchain’s codebase to a more modern language. Pascal’s codebase is currently written in Pascal programming language; however, this is a bit tedious for developers to understand and work with. To simplify further development of applications and solutions on the Pascal blockchain, we are re-writing the original codebase in Golang.

Golang is popular programming language amongst blockchain developers, on completion of this task, the Pascal blockchain will be an attraction for modern blockchain developers and offer an easy platform for development of applications. Our developers have commenced this process and updates about this will be made regularly.

Update for the Pascal writing contest

Over the past couple of weeks, we have engaged our community and the world outside it in an interesting writing contest. The Pascal writing contest is designed to further spread information about the Pascal blockchain while giving the contestants an opportunity to earn Pascal coins by sharing their knowledge of pascal blockchain.
Over one month into it, we have reached the deadline for submission of entries into the contest and we have put an end to submission of entries. In the coming days, will assess all entries and reward deserving contestants as stated in the official announcement.

Update regarding custodianship of pascal development funds

We are exploring several means of getting the development fund scheme running again. This has been an issue since the recent change in management. Via community vote, we have elected a new custodian who will take charge of fund management, distribution and honoring community decisions to ensure that the financial aspect of our development goes on smoothly. Procedures for handover of project accounts and documentation of expenditures are ongoing and will be completed soon. Further updates as regards this will be made.

Distribution of community rewards to deserving community members

Our community reward scheme is designed to improve community participation by incentivizing members’ contributions. Rewards are distributed monthly to the most active community members with most contributions. We have distributed the rewards for the past month and will continue to monitor involvements of the community members and duly reward deserving members.
Join us and be a part of the community to increase your chances!
Your suggestions and criticisms are appreciated!

As we continue with this odd time in our existence, we urge everyone to stay safe and adhere to social distancing specifications and other guidelines which are expected to sustain safety and slow the rate of infection. Until next time, stay safe!

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Good article, I like that coin very much because in the past it gave me a lot of joy what I did not know is the community behind it.