State of the project: Monthly update for Pascal blockchain

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Through the tough and turbulent times we have continued to stay put as many areas in the world still surfer highly from the corona virus pandemic, despite the halt in most social and economic activities and the various restrictions placed on some activities, we continue to live through the uncertainty and hope that things get better with time. We urge continued support for the health sector and adherence to the guidelines set to flatten the infection curve and restore a balance globally.

At Pascal, we have been persistent in maintaining and developing out blockchain technology as well as the managerial aspect of the Pascal coin project. We have not relented a bit in the all-round development of the project. The pandemic unarguably slowed the speed of development a little bit and has also reduced community participation, but not a total stop.

A new month brings a new wave of optimism and despite the world remaining in this very difficult time, we hope thing gets better with time.

It’s been an interesting run of days and we bring you the major highlights of the past month as it concerns the Pascal blockchain project.

New Account recovery protocol implementation

Following due community consensus, the account recovery provisions according to PIP – 0012 will be modified to suit community preferences. This will change the account recovery rule to quadrennial recovery of empty pascal accounts and send these recovered accounts to the free pascal distribution facility. This is in a bid to maintain the supply of pascal accounts which are limited.
Implementing this change will require a hardfork as the blockchain will need to be modified in the process. The development team already added this to their to-do list and further updates as regards this including the date of the proposed hardfork will be announced duly.

Quarterly budget proposal and consensus

According to the current community agreed financial management PIP, a new project development budget is presented to the community every quarter. With respect to this the pascal community have voted on budget proposals which will guide financial activities for the next quarter to ensure that the pascal project continues in its path of growth. Budget proposals and approval are subject to community votes and community voting happens on our discord channel. Join us and be a part of the decisions.

Community participation reward

We value your participation and we love seeing you around! The pascal community have been an amazing one and the community members’ ideas are vital contributions to the project and have engineered its all-round growth. To further improve community participation, we have resolved to reward active community members from this month onwards. Deserving members will be selected solely based on their activeness in the pascal project communities and social media and their contributions, including their constructive criticism of the project. Rewards are handed out monthly in Pascal coins.
Join us, stay active and get rewarded for your membership!

Another writing contest?!

Yay! We had so much fun the last time, and we are hungry once more. It’s another Pascal writing contest!
We know you know much about pascal coin and you even wish to know more…and we love that! It’s time to feed us with your words and share your knowledge about pascal coin. The pascal writing contest will be coming later this month and contestants will be required to share their knowledge about some core aspects of pascal coin.
Get your biro ready, it’s time to hit the keyboard once again. Get ready for another amazing writing spree.
Further updates as regards this will follow soon, stay tuned…

As we continue with this odd time in our existence, we urge everyone to stay safe and adhere to social distancing specifications and other guidelines which are expected to sustain safety and slow the rate of infection. Until next time, stay safe!

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I think I have to find out what Pascal is and what the project is about. Well, I confess I don't know. There are so many things growing despite the current difficult conditions that it's difficult to keep track of them all.
But as far as I can understand they are looking for ways in which community participation can play a role in development and that is very good. Congratulations.

The community has been a very important part of the project and we want this continue

This is all very interesting about the Pascal project, its community and its development. I would like to participate in this writing contest. I will go through your discord to see that there is, thank's for sharing