Is cryptocurrency addictive? I think so!

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Wait, is this even a question? Well, I guess you answered the first question with some frown on your face, I mean, a little flashback… a couple of months before you got to learn about cryptocurrency and a couple of weeks (say two) after you learnt about cryptocurrency; a whole lot changed during this little space of time, well, it even got worse some weeks later.

Your first shot at cryptocurrency certainly thought you some lessons, same as the second and while you read this article, you could remember the latest lesson you learnt…that was just a couple of hours ago. This space moves so fast! Faster than a jet; uhm, that was just an exaggeration, but true to a very large extent. You can even call it an understatement and you’ll be very right.

Personally; it’s been a bumpy ride for me, from the very last quarter of 2017 till the time of writing this, and even while you read it, the crypto space has grown from a stranger to an addiction, well, I became an addict a few days into this! FIFA 2016 was probably the last edition of the popular soccer game I enjoyed the most; three hours of non-stop gaming? That’s almost impossible currently! I can only dream of wielding the game pads for so long without pausing to take a look at the cryptocurrency price tracker. Coinmarketcap used to be my favourite, guess Binance took away its beauty…shhh, I didn’t say that out loud!.

You could live for a couple of minutes without checking what’s going on in the space, but trust me you’d have a lot of past events the next time you check up on us! This space moves too fast, and your guess is right, the people here loves it!


You’re addicted, same as your friend who just joined three days ago and the newbie who just heard ‘bitcoin’ three hours ago! What’s the current gainers? A new ATH? Are we close to breaking the resistance? Whole lot of rhetoric questions getting answered by the charts, you’d love this space the first minute you jump in! Now, did I mention that this depends on whether you are gaining or losing? Nope, I didn’t; because it doesn’t. Winning or losing, this space gives you something to keep checking up on.


Slowly becoming an introvert? No more parties, uhm, a little less this time around! Your lifestyle keeps changing, just like a computer programmer, you’re slowly getting to love the gadgets more than humans, that’s weird, I know…but that’s normal here!

Onlookers would wonder what changed, nothing really did, someone just needs to look at the charts more and look out for flying information which are really more important than you’d think. Did Trump just pronounce his love for cryptocurrency? Which project teams are announcing an important ‘partnership’? project events and giveaways? Well, the list is inexhaustible. Just like an interesting sports game, something keeps you waiting, time passes fast, and you are slow to notice! But that’s crypto!

Coming from forex or stock trading, you’d think things will be the same to a very large extent, frankly you’re not wrong, but there’s a whole lot to it; so much that you might call them ‘totally different’, if you found yourself in this situation, then yes, you got the right perception.


Alright, you think otherwise? Yes, a couple of people do, but try hiding the pretense, or let me be fair for a while, you’re still a step away from hitting the addiction threshold!
Cryptocurrency is addictive, I don’t think so…I know so. But, it takes a while before you discover your addictions, whenever you do, endeavour to rush back and give this article a tip (any needed address will be provided! If, you’re already an addict like myself, then you could sponsor my next pill by sending that tip!

To be fair enough, let’s hear from you; is cryptocurrency addictive? The comments section is wide open!


Absolutely I am now a junkie.

I try to recruit a couple of cool people here and there.

We will see if they decide to show up and have fun

if they show up eventually, they'll surely have some fun. Just tell them to invest what they can loose😂

Well that's the funny thing here all of this that I've gotten has been for free...

What better way to get into cryptocurrency investing than to invest your work in the rewards that you get for free..

Nah, at least not for those of us that are here for the technology itself and don't care that much about the finance aspects. In fact, the financial aspect is somewhat of an annoyance as it creates a barrier to entry for established cryptocurrencies. Sure, testnets exist, but it's hard to get people to use your creations if they're on a testnet.

Technology in general is pretty addicting though.

Yes, attaching financial obligations to cryptocurrency really changed the game in a rather negative way, but they seem hard to stop. But fact is, even the tech aspect could get addictive too.

If I check my Binance account while doing my business on the throne, I think it's fair to say I'm pretty addicted 😂😂😂

lol, if you actually do so very frequently, then welcome to the addiction!

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Good article, in my opinion coins are addictive because they offer quick profits and that for many people is a kind of drug.