2021: Expectations of the Three Important Assets in the world economy (Petroleum-Dollar-Bitcoins)

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In view of the results obtained in 2020, in relation to the behaviour of three of the most important assets in the world economy (Oil, the Dollar and Bitcoin), we can be sure that by 2021 nothing will surprise us.

It is evident that the results of the market's behaviour in 2020 was something that nobody could or could not predict, which provides us with a great deal of uncertainty for this year.
However, 2021 begins with the resurgence of the Covid-19 with a new strain and a hard-hit economy.
Below, I present a brief analysis of the behaviour of oil, the dollar and bitcoin, in order to conclude a reflective analysis of what is coming in 2021.




In 2020, oil suffered the worst drop in the price of a barrel ever seen in the history of crude oil, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Likewise, between March and May, the lowest values of the barrel could be registered: March $ 33.73; April $26.85 and May 32.41.
This performance was maintained for the rest of 2020, with a small rise, reaching $ 43.98 in November and $50.26 in December, with a percentage variation of 14.28%.
There had not been a similar fall since December 1998, when the oil barrel reached $ 10.14.

petroleo 2020.png

Price Petroleum: January 1988-December 2020.Source

However, despite the difficult situation of crude oil due to excess production and the unsuccessful agreements between the producing countries and OPEC+, no expert could imagine the situation that oil would face in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, causing the barrel price to plummet due to the drop in crude oil consumption worldwide, as a result of the compulsory confinement established at the global level.

2021 is full of uncertainties, due to the appearance of the new Covid-19 strain, as well as the potential threat of further social isolation and paralysis of economic activities.
However, with the appearance of the vaccine and its application in some countries, it is hoped that the impact of this resurgence will not be as dramatic as it was in 2020 for oil and the world economy.

tabla de precio petroleo 2020.png
Price Petroleum: January-December 2020. Source


Unlike oil, the dollar may have some surprises in 2021 in relation to its behaviour, perhaps equal to or greater than that of the second half of 2020.

The pandemic will therefore continue to be a risk to the world economy, but the economic recession and global uncertainty will be two factors that will work against the countries' monetary and financial balance.
The dollar's expectations for the period after the second half of 2021 are not very encouraging and point to the possibility of a culmination of the recent upward trend, which has been observed since July 2020, as shown in the graph below.


Price Dollar-Euro: January-December 2020. Source

Nonetheless, so far the control of the virus and its spread are the key to any economic projections that may be made, as until this situation is overcome the economic impact will continue to be surrounded by high financial uncertainty.


Price Dollar-Euro: January-December 2020. Source


Finally, in relation to Bitcoin, 2020 was a year where cryptomoney reached an unexpected peak, starting in March 2020 when the world began to be socially isolated, due to the increase in investment in cryptomoney by investors, who saw and still see to this day investment in Bitcoin as the safest way to back up their money, just as in gold investments.

In addition to the support given by large organisations during the second half of 2020, and now more recently the integration of Bitcoin into the Paypal platform and investments in Square in this crypt

BITCOIN 2020-2021.png

Diario Bitcoin.Source

In 2021, the cryptographic market is full of expectations, due to the emergence of interest from a large number of people in this market, in search of investment security in difficult times.

Finally we can conclude, these three great assets of the world economy will have a particular and unpredictable behaviour for 2021, due to a key aspect that has all the fundamental pieces in the game, as it is the Covid-19, its control and management of governments and the reactivation of the world economy.

What are your expectations for 2021 in relation to these assets?




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In my opinion the price of btc is going to rise and in fact it has become an important reference today.Oil and other things are unpredictable but I think in the long run btc is going to prevail.

Hello @reinaldoverdu
It is very likely.
Thank you for commenting.
Best Regards

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Hello @cryto.piotr
Thanks you for your support.
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Hello @janettyanez

I agree with you, in 2021 nothing can surprise us, so many events have happened continuously, that we have the impression that we have already seen it all, however, they say that every dawn brings its own aroma, joys and vicissitudes. From my point of view, the drop in hydrocarbon consumption set the agenda for the rest of the conventional financial assets, including Bitcoin, because I assume that the unexpected peak you mention occurs in pandemic conditions, where investors in quarantine from their comfortable spaces, for the first time, felt the impulse to buy large amounts of BTC, in addition to the institutional purchases that increased in the last months of 2020. Kind regards, thank you for socializing this interesting analysis.

Hello @lupafilotaxia
In relation to what you mention:

..because I assume that the unexpected peak you mention occurs in pandemic conditions, where investors in quarantine from their comfortable spaces...
Just in March 2020 begins its escalation, as you can see in the graph.

There are many expectations about how it will continue to behave in 2021, but that will depend on some factors.
Thank you for your commentary.
Best Regards

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