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RE: Tesla in talks to use CATL's cobalt-free batteries in China-made cars - sources

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Hello and welcome to Project.Hope :D

It's a bit complicated, especially for those of us who don't know the meaning of those acronyms.

I suppose that is one of the functions of cobalt, a mineral that is being extracted in the country, since not long ago.

I didn't know they used it for the construction of the batteries. Even less the demand for Coltan is funding the killings in Congo, blood of Congolese who are dying in a terrible conflict.

What I don't see in the issue is whether batteries without cobalt are less harmful to the environment. Apparently the only concern is that they are only cheaper from Tesla's point of view, which I guess is what matters most to them.

Lowering costs is always good news for a company; hopefully, it will translate into a better bonus for its employees or for the environment.

Thanks for sharing :)