Things Are Becoming More Interesting As A Result Of Technological Change

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The system of the world operation is greatly moving towards technological changes, things that were considered a norm before are no longer what we have as norms and what we use to consider as unbelievable is recently occurring.


Several jobs that we did not have twenty years ago are now existing and several jobs that we do not have now will exist in twenty years to come, the world is changing really fast and the system of operation is also hanging along with it. Very many years ago, it was almost impossible to have people earn from the comfort of their homes but now we have a large percentage of people work from the comfort of their homes just with a computer or a smart phone.

There are certain problems that are not existing yet, those problems will come up in future and different job opportunities and subsequent business ideas will be created to solve those problems. By the time we think about the way innovation is growing, we can easily conclude that in fifteen or twenty years to this time, we will have self-driving automobiles, we will have robots taking over the food industry as they cook our meals and even clean our homes.

Simple Future Inventions.

There is a hand glove known as ‘’No cry gloves’’, this glove was produced to be way stronger than a regular hand glove and it is said to protect the wearer from any form of domestic cut in the kitchen.


In the future we will have smart clothes, these smart clothes will be able to change colour and even change size while we put it on. There is an invented jacket that charges itself through the energy from the sun and can change to a different colour in a dark room to produce light, we will have more of this jackets and even better smart clothes in future.

Step in sock: Coming from a very dirty or muddy road and having to take those shoes into your already cleaned house may be pretty frustrating, but the idea of step in stock hopes to save the day by wrapping itself around the bottom of your feet once used therefore preventing the user from getting the house dirty.


Zipstitch is an invention that will be used in future to replace bandages, injuries can be completely closed with this invention instead of looking for bandages that may not last long before they fall off.


The most amazing future invention for me is a shirt called performance shirt 2.0, this shirt is promised not to get stained by liquid substances and it does not also get wrinkled which means there will be no need for ironing. I think this is simply mind-blowing. Which of these inventions do you find fascinating, do not hesitate to drop your comment in the comment section below.


The world is rapid developing due to the help of technology and sometimes I sit down and wonder where the world will be in the next 20 years due to the technological change