The Smart Importance of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence is a blessing to our world and generation, it helps to break down very complex tasks that is difficult for humans to do at the shortest time possible. Those who despise the power of artificial intelligence are those who do not understand how well artificial intelligence has been infused into our day to day activities, the simple song recommendations we listen to, the use of virtual assistance are all jobs and functions of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a software that can be designed to do the things that only humans used to be able to do.


Artificial intelligence provides an option for variety, automation can be done on anything and so many companies have been able to automate their jobs and provide better service to their customers. Rather than having humans carry out a task for 10days, artificial intelligence has the ability to accomplish the same task within 24 hours, which makes our generation to be referred as the age for speed, everything is moving really fast and this falls back to the ability of artificial intelligence to be able to move in an extremely fast manner.

Artificial intelligence also has the ability of bringing a lot of people together, the ability to bring likeminded individuals or team together to begin to interact and make friends is the sure work of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has also started to help doctors in making better diagnosis and even treating patients better, from the comfort of their homes patients can easily connect with doctors and get treatment for their ailment all because of the improvement caused by artificial intelligence.


For office workers, artificial intelligence has made their jobs a lot more convenient, things they will normally rack their brain about, and spend hours trying to figure out is what a computer with the help of artificial intelligence will be able to do with ease like getting necessary referrals, setting a proper record for the day and analysing assignments.

Unlike the human mind that makes decisions based on emotions, artificial intelligence does not act on the basis of emotions as it makes sound and logical decisions all the time without preferring one person to another and without wishing that one person wins while the other loses.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to screen job applicants and get the best out of all the selected applicants, once again totally eliminating emotional factor and strictly following the resume of the applicant and also considering the former history, Artificial intelligence is certain to pick out the most appropriate applicant for the job.


The emergence of artificial intelligence is indeed an added advantage to this present generation. Work is no more tedious as it used to be. People now work at ease and with comfort because of these technogies. Although, it has its disadvantages, its advantages supersedes a great deal.

We don't need to push this technology too far away, I believe we can evolve without it.

all are benefits of AI the biggest fear on my part is what it can do when used in the military industry, it is terrifying that an AI is under the control of terrorists and dictators as it is today and China

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