The reality of automation in job industry

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When we read and learn about robots, the comment section is always filled with the fear of what will happen when robots begin to make robots but I am here to announce to you friends that is already happening in some part of Asia, there is an industry where robots makes robots without complete human intervention.


According to a robotic doctor, gone are the days when information needs to be fed to machines step by step before they complete a given task but with this high level of improvement, robots now possess the ability to think on their own and they can predict the next step to take in a production process, he called it a million fold improvement.
These robots can perfectly carry out tasks of sealing a pack and even welding irons together, it was a complete process of making their own babies. This robots will completely replace humans effectively on a scale of 85%, permit me to say this is almost completely replacing humans.

The manufacturers of this robots have different companies come to them to ask for new robots that can help them in their process of manufacturing, walking through the street of Asia the reporter had found a restaurant where robots were aligned to fulfil the orders of everyone. It was robots that prepared cocktails, flipped the burgers and also prepared the meal.

The CEO of a large manufacturing company in China was asked for the reason why his company had opted for robot instead of humans to work in the production segment and his reply was that back in 2008 and up till now, there is a high pressure coming from the labour side on salary increment and instead of constantly increasing salary which was not favourable to the company, they opted for the use of robot. The company started with the use of 500 robot, it has grown to the use of 1,000 and according to the time of the interview he had other robot coming in and by the time he got them, he will be laying off over 700 workers and the smart interviewer asked him if he did not feel bad about laying off those huge amount of workers and with a smile he replied, that they will easily get another job which is a very untrue situation, every company is opting for automation and this means laying off of more workers from various sectors.


what we should be concerned about is the robotics applied to the military industry.
good article

I am of the opinion that we should also be bothered about this topic also.

Hello friend @ireti it's sad this reality but the truth is we can't do anything to stop it. Technology has been gaining strength and in a few years many of us may not be able to opt for a job outside the home, hopefully this is wrong, but I doubt it. Many employers care about their business but not about their employees!

That is the fact we have to just live with.

@ireti it is good to move ahead with technology , but as per my thinking we can use automation upto a limit. Automation cannot beat the practical experience of a person. He can just do programmed task not the practical thinking.

My opinion exactly but some research is trying to say robots will soon be made in a way that they are able to think for themselves.