The Past and Future of Computing

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What does the future of computing look like? Today we see demos of future cars, future machines and other things but the information we do not get is that, all of this future representation of technology all boils down to computing.


The History of Computing.

Different types of computing systems have come and gone but basically, there have been three eras of computing.

Tabulating Era: This era of computing has been existing for a long period of 3,000 BC until 1940. The computers made during this period were used to collect and store simple data, the calculus and old calculators were introduced during this era.

Programming Era: The programming era presented the opportunity to develop a language for a computer known as the machine language we have today, the machine language is understandable by the computer and understood by programmers also. This era started in 1950’s and we still have them in use today but of a higher level.


Cognitive Era: Not forgetting the fact that we are still very much in the period of programming, the cognitive period has presented an entire change in the computing world since 2010, the computing system has advanced greatly that it can develop and improve itself. The cognitive era is going to provide new computing fields such as:

Optical computing: Optical computing will give room to the efficient transfer of data with a level of speed that has never been seen before.

Quantum computing: This computing process will give room to provide solution to any type of problem and even reduce the speed in the occurrence of future problems.

Neuromorphic computing: This computing is based on a high level of human intelligence that will be able to offer high level of satisfaction to end users based on the task specified.

Infinite computing: This is going to be an added advantage to future programmers based on the task they want to use the system for and even in the long run for users who will be able to take advantage of the entire system to solve complex problems.


These are just a few out of the various levels of computing we have currently and are going to have in the future, the incoming world of computing is highly diversified and complex.

Unlike what we use to have in subsequent era’s the computing future that lies ahead is one that provides specification to users according to their needs, the computer system is going to be designed according to the need and the taste of each individual, an handicapped person will have a computing system to fit his constant needs and help him live a normal life and a person who is not handicapped will definitely operate a different level of system computing.


Good times are coming, imagine the graphics of future video games

The future prospectives are really interesting! Are there some websites that you could suggest me to learn more about that?

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The future is great for tecnology and more to come.
The aspect of computing will keep improving more and more as year goes by.

Only God knows where the world will be in the next 30 years?