The Future in Year 3020; Possibilities of the future of humanity.

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It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the future of humans as it was really difficult to predict that in 2020, artificial intelligence will be a thing. A lot of people have predicted so many things and the past and these things were either exceeded or not even looked into as technology improved and innovation continue to rise. It is not a news that human technological advancement has doubled yearly in the last 100 years and increased exponentially 50 years ago after the Apollo mission to the moon. The mission looked like the eye opener to a lot of scientific possibilities.

In this post, I will be trying to look at what would have happen in the next 1000 years to humans if our own technological innovations do not wipe us out. Also, it is visible that we might not be around to witness a few of this but if technology speeds up a little faster or if humans can come up with a solution to longevity, then it is possible that we might witness all of the happening in the future.

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What will 1000 years from 2020 look like (The world in year 3020)?

Inter-planetary beings

It is true that humans have improved in their tech advances in the last fifty years but one problem that human have been trying to solve after going on the Apollo mission is going into outer space and colonizing other planets. In fact, we have not been able to go back to the moon and a lot of people have been trying to find a reasons for this but since NASA and other well-known space entrepreneur and billionaires are working on getting humans to space and other planets, it is visible that humans must have colonized the moon, Mars and Venus. A lot of people say that Venus is more eco-friendly compared to the red planet (Mars). Humans might have to find a better home as in the next 1000 years from now, there is a possibility that earth might be under attack by natural occurrences due to human careless activities on the earth. So, we need to get to another planet and start living there.

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Having more complex currency but singular currency

The gold standard was a singular method of payment hundreds of years ago and it doesn’t look like we might be going back to a single use of fiat currency in the future. Currently, We have over 180 fiat currencies and over 3000 cryptocurrency but in the future, we might not need a physical wallet to keep money, rather we will have an inbuilt system where the total amount of money owned by an individual will be implanted on the body and accessible by a command tone “pay for this, or invest in this”. Currency number might become smaller as there would be a singular standard of money. Money in the future will be like transferring data from one place to another and it will be something monitored by a system and visible to the world, making it easy to trace fraud and political embezzlement. Also, we might have interplanetary currencies as people will be living in outer space and other planets.


Longevity of Life

A lot of people having looking at getting this done as a lot of people want to live long to see what will happen the future which they are working for currently. Humans want to live for a long as 1000 years but the truth about this is that if humans will have to live for 1000 years more, then we might have to stop reproduction or we will have to deal with overpopulation problem as there will be more living than dead.

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A complete artificial intelligence

In the next 1000 years, it is believed that technology would have reached singularity and at such there will be full artificial intelligence. Humans have been scared of this and have created a lot of controversy about human going down on the superiority chain as AI will be above us. There is also a possibility that the consciousness of humans could be downloaded into devices thereby creating another method of lifetime longevity.

What do you think will happen to humans and our ways of doing things in the next 1000 years, how do you think technology would have evolved as well as humans. Please leave your comments here.

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