The Beauty of Technology in the Future of Electric Automobiles

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We have been reading several publications about artificial intelligence replacing human efforts and jobs, so many people have started to learn new skills so they can maintain their jobs as the use of artificial intelligence advances, but scientists are going to stop at nothing as they keep coming up with various innovations that will blow our minds.

Technological advancement in connection with artificial intelligence has given us a type of car that has the ability to repair itself, I am sure you are wondering how a car can repair itself, I had the same question in mind but we are going to find out how that is going to happen very soon.


The car that has the ability to repair itself in case there is a dense or a minor patch on its body, is the latest Lamborghini model which is Trezo Millenio the fibered body of this car is finely filled with nano tubes. Immediately there is a dense or crash, the sensors immediately sends information and the nano tubes carry out the function of self- repair. The car does not only have self-repair options as it has been considered Lamborghini’s sport car with 838 horse power and 625 kilowatt having the ability to move on a fast speed, I must not also forget to mention the fact that it is of course fully electrical.



Just as we know that the car world is a highly competitive one with different models and you just have to pick one to your taste, BMW has come up with its own vision next model that is packed with future models, BMW future car model completely takes away the steering in the car, replacing it with some sort of simple handle type, amazingly the wind screen can automatically turn into a large screen for movies to be seen. Another interesting value of this future car model is in its ability to understand the emotion of the driver, if the emotion of the driver does not appear pleasant enough, the car immediately changes into a self-drive option in order to safe guard the driver and the passengers.



Saudi Arabia was a host of an international car event and as the host, they also presented a unique car model called the GFG style 2030 the car moves on a fast speed of 60 miles in 3.5 seconds as it boasts of 540 horse power, this Saudi Arabia futuristic car model can move through any type of surface from a good road, through the desert and even through rough surfaces while it remains electrical.


These car models are examples of what we will have in the future, the presentation of glamour, style and speed filled with the impact of artificial intelligence, what do you have to say about these cars and how much do you think each of them should cost?


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Amazing, we will need hive to grow a bit more to buy one of this.

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