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Artificial intelligence is gradually taking over every sector and department of the human race and to some aged humans in some uncivilized part of some countries, artificial intelligence still seem really strange to them, while reading so many complex things about artificial intelligence the basics might be ignored which is what we should understand first before diving into the topic completely.


What does artificial intelligence mean?

It is the process of infusing natural human intelligence into a machine therefore equipping it with the ability to carry out activities like human and because it is a machine it is even stronger and possess more strength than the usual human ability.

Gradually every task and responsibility that should be done by human is gradually been passed on to the hands of ever capable artificial intelligence who can perform the task faster and more efficiently. Although it provides convenience for humans as it takes the place of tedious works but it also sends lots of workers into the position of early retirement, companies realize that they can make use of machines who unlike humans will not demand for an increase in salary or try to take a rest then they will stick to using it and this means more people staying at home.


This is not however applicable for every type of job, some jobs are still going to be very much intact, the ever smart programmers who will keep increasing their knowledge to build a smarter robot, or those ones who will have to fix a feature in the machine, cannot have their jobs replaced and this means the world is moving to allow those who are thinking smart retain their jobs and it is time you also begin to think smart.
Smartness is not limited to programming, thinking smart can be placed into any type of profession, a long time ago, people began to think of an automated kitchen when some of us thought it was impossible, some of us never thought that the idea of a robot making our food or cleaning our homes is ever possible but that is the norm we have today so we just have to live with it, it is better to allow your profession begin to think in the direction of invention.
It is time to learn a new skill but do not learn a skill that is not technology related or moving in the direction of artificial intelligence, every old skill can be improved upon, properly structured and developed.



in the end I believe that humanity will merge with technology and become an integral part of its daily life.

Its a growing technology and of great values.
Thankyou for sharing :)

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