Science and Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Ageing Experience.

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Everything in life has a period for their existence, flowers die, animals die and even humans die. Death has been one of the most painful conditions that has befallen the human race, the thought that we cannot live forever with those we love and there is no guarantee that we are going to meet with them in the after-life usually creates worry and fear in the minds of people.



When the good book says ‘’Money answers all things’’ it was not making a mistake because those with lots of money are now looking for a way to cheat death the likes of Jeff Bezos and Peter Theil are investing greatly in the company founded by google which aims to target how to combat ageing and increase the life span of humans.

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Dave Asprey who is the founder of bullet proofs has successfully hacked his own biological system by spending millions of dollars and through this hacking, he is confident that he will be able to live for one hundred and eighty years before he dies. The act of combating ageing process has ben existing for a very long time, the sales of supplements and anti-aging creams has been on sale for the wealthy for a long time now but the advance in technology resulted in hacking of the human biological system to prevent ageing.

Scientist said their primary goal actually is to make people live healthier even in their old age, some old cells could be replaced with younger cells with the help of technology and in the long run that may result in the individual having a longer life span eventually.

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Senescent cells.

This is the accumulation of cells in our bodies as we age that no longer divide and when cells do that we call them senescent cells. The bad part of this process is that, these cells that stop dividing begin to spill out other inflammatory factors that destroy tissues. ---- Nathaniel David

Yamanaka factors.

With the improvement in artificial intelligence, the exact age of every one can be easily detected and also predict when the individual might die. There are so many technologies that can be worked upon currently with the expectation that they will be able to repair dead cells associated with ageing, certain diseases associated with ageing include poor eye sight and high blood pressure.

Rather than spending old age on a sick bed and spending so much money on hospital bills, the advance in technology will help to replace those old ageing cells with new ones.

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With the various successes that the technological world has recorded over the years, we cannot say there is no possibility of increasing human life span with technology. It is however sure that such actions come with side effects. Aging however is not just about the body, but also the mind. If the nervous system is weak due to aging, there is nothing that the body will do to correct it. Let's see how it all goes though.

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