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As the world of artificial intelligence (A.I) continues to get smarter every day we as humans also need to get informed about the unique features it comes with, which might be what we need to help us with the tasks we have at home. This is a post about a particular robot named SPOT, I like to educate myself about robots even if I cannot afford most of them for now but I love some of them because they make previous tedious task come with ease for humans.


Spot is a robot made up of mostly metal (I think all robots are basically made of metals, correct me in case I am wrong), it is pretty heavy and weighs 70 pounds. Spot has cameras at the front view, the middle view and the back view as well. It comes in the shape of a dog and that is the reason why it is been regarded as a robot dog, the battery power of the robot can last up to 90 minutes on full charge. Spot has the ability to move on a speed of 1.4m/sec, it can move on either a high, medium or a low speed level.

Spot has a control pad which is more like a tablet, this tablet has simple control features and anyone with the control pad can control the robots movement and speed. The robot can move in an upward or backward motion without turning around because it has front and back cameras. The robot is able to jump over obstacles and even when it falls, it can get up on its feet again without the help of anyone.


The useful scenarios of spot robot.

Spot can be sent into a dangerous environment to capture what is going on in there without putting human life at risk, spot is not affected by climatic change or other environmental factors because it is metal and the available cameras can send back signals to the person who is in charge of the control pad.

Spot can also be useful in measuring the growth in a construction project, spot can easily capture the angles of the projection reporting the continuous growth of the construction pattern which is a task that humans may not be able to cover completely but spot as a robot could work in the construction field relentlessly as long as the battery is regularly charged. Spot can also be used as a robot in space used to capture different research areas where scientists can observe and work upon before going into the field themselves.

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Good contribution, there is a bigger one that is used to load military equipment like bullets among others.