Is 2050 the Year of the Mars?

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Exploring the deeper length of space is hat is on every space scientist and astronomers mind and Mars is not a minority thought as it rings hard in the heart of space explorers, NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Humans are curious and if for no other reason but for curiosity, we will want to see Mars with our eyes and in the process explore the red planet real well.

Everyone has a goal for technology and space but that of Elon Musk and SpaceX is to get humans to space within the next 100 years probably. The mission isn’t to land on Mars like the moon mission but to set up a colony in Mars.

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Elon Musk with SpaceX have been able to achieve a lot of things NASA couldn’t achieve which has made them a voice to reckon with in the space industry. A few problem with humans colonizing mars are getting to mars in the first instance and managing cost.

Unlike the Apollo mission to the moon, getting to Mars is the greatest problem to scientist and the SpaceX organization as the two planet orbits around the sun at different time, earth orbits around the sun at 365 days while mars orbits the sun at 867 days which makes it difficult to get to mars as most time, the earth isn’t in the same alignment with the earth, so we have to wait for the window to open.

SpaceX are doing well to reduce the cost of launching to space by creating a faster, stronger and a reusable craft which can launch to space, come back to earth and then can be reused after it lands back on earth. Musk plans to lunch each starship 3 times per day which will be able to carry loads to orbit. Musk wants to get things done now instead of waiting for a better time which is one of the reasons why going to the moon hasn’t been possible.

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Could Elon Musk have colonies in Mars in 2050?

Well, nothing is impossible. If the first hurdle which is getting into Mars is solved, then getting more people to the Red planet will not be a difficult one. If there are no delays at all, Musk pans to send the first team in 2025 or 2026 if there is a delay. The team will start making research on Mars surface. The team is meant to stay on mars for about 9 months, after which the team will be researched for if anything affected them on the planet. If the mission is positive, SpaceX and NASA will be able to move people to Mars.


I hope they will even earlier. But then, what will be the currency on Mars? Definetely digital one....maybe MarsCoin 😀